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8 Perfect Reasons to Indulge in that Decadent Chocolate


You hear the words that describe a perfect piece of chocolate, but rarely the health benefits. Anything from "sinfully delicious" to "utterly orgasmic" are uttered in hushed breath, describing the experience to be had when ingesting a truly delightful piece of cacao. It is, in essence, the “food of the gods” that was worshiped as sacred and used as currency in Central America. It was food and drink for the Aztec privileged, and used as a tonic for remedy once the drinking of chocolate was introduced to Europe by the Spaniards.

So, what are some of those health benefits we mentioned? A chocolate bar a day might just help keep up your health. However, it’s important to keep it at high levels of cacao, preferably 75% and higher, and low levels of added sugar. The purer the chocolate, the better it is.

1. A singing heart: How does cacao make your heart sing happily? Less clotting and increased blood flow, as well as decreasing cholesterol levels sounds like a good idea, as per scientist studies at Harvard University.

2. Lower pressure: Tufts University has found that hypertensive people who ingest 3.5 grams of dark chocolate per day for two weeks saw an immense improvement in blood pressure, significantly dropping it to avoid problems.

3. The magic of chocolate milk: Apparently your muscles also reap the benefits, especially when drinking chocolate milk after a workout, as per a small study conducted at Indiana University. You’re less likely to tire as easily and will have higher endurance. So, next time you know what to replace that energy drink with!

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4. That perfect skin: A German study on 24 women concluded that a half cup of flavonoid enriched cocoa a day will make your skin moister, smoother and less likely to become scaly or a blotchy red from the sun’s rays, acting as protection against the harmful UV emissions.

5. Working memory: Still in its preliminary stages, West Virginia’s Jesuit University has found a link between chocolate consumption and increased memory, attention span, reaction time, and problem-solving skills. It might be a good idea to have some chocolate as you study and right before you take a test!

6. A slimmer you: It is indeed true! It is believed that chocolate positively affects the metabolism, according to a study by the University of California, but research also shows that it is less likely for you to fall off the wagon if you are not denying yourself some simple but healthier pleasures.

7. Battling cancer: Chocolate can actually be seen as a preventative against skin cancer, it’s active compounds protecting the skin from cancer-causing agents and melanoma development.

8. That aphrodisiac: The research on this point is in no way perfect. However, Italian scientists have found that women who ate a piece of chocolate a day had a better sex drive and quicker orgasms. Even if not supported by science, there’s no reason not to indulge in the decadence of heavenly, sinful, absolutely delicious cacao concoctions.

Delicious and healthy, it’s about time the goddesses of the world enjoyed the sweet sensation of dark chocolate mixed with chili spicing up the senses, or minty ones cooling your mind. After all, every woman is indeed a goddess, wouldn't you agree?

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