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8 Natural Ways to Treat Sinusitis Your Doctor Won't Tell You About


Natural treatment to sinusitis may be quite easy, but doctors may not necessarily go about recommending them. Antibiotics have been proven not to make much difference, though they are prescribed most.

What is sinusitis?

Sinusitis implies inflammation and is the swelling and overproduction of mucus on the sinus area, putting pressure and pain in the head, as well as creating a stuffy nose feeling. The pain only gets worse if one bends over or makes any sudden movements. Lately, it was discovered that the lack of a certain bacteria’s presence, called Lactobacillus sakei, in the sinuses led to higher rates of infection.

Which resources has Mother Nature gifted us with to fight sinusitis?

• Eucalyptus: Not only is it great as a natural pesticide, eucalyptus has been shown to be anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and a great decongestant. It has been traditionally used to treat anything from asthma and nasal congestion to sore throat and sinusitis. However, those with a history of gastritis and peptic ulcers should steer clear, considering it might irritate the stomach lining. To take the eucalyptus oil, the best manner is two 100mg capsules, 3 times daily.

• Citrus oil and pine extract: Both essential oils have the same effect as Eucalyptus, thinning the mucus but not the best for those who have suffered from ulcers.

• Combination of primrose, gentian root, elderberry, and vervain: 2 different studies have shown that this combination works quite well in treating sinus problems. After a week of treatment, two-thirds of those using the actual herbal concoction stated their sinusitis had been cured.

There are also prescribed non-natural avenues that can help reduce the onset of chronic sinusitis. No one likes to be constantly plagues by head pain and sinus inflammations. As such, it’s recommended to:

• Use a humidifier

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• Use saline nasal sprays

Lifestyle changes that help

Furthermore, the Mayo Clinic recommends these natural lifestyle changes to ease sinus infections and ward off the chronic version which lasts over 8 weeks or keeps returning in regular intervals:

• Get plenty of rest to help increase your immune system’s ability to protect against bacterial onslaught and infections.

• Drink plenty of water and juice, but stay away from alcohol and caffeine, which only serve to dehydrate the body and worsen the swelling.

• Place warm and damp towels on your face, focusing around your nose, cheeks and eyes.

• Inhale steam 2-4 times a day, including stepping into a hot bathroom or sauna

• Sleep with an elevated head to help drain out your sinuses.

There is no reason to turn to antibiotics if there are natural paths to take to treat sinusitis. So change your lifestyle just a little bit, grab some essential oils, drink plenty of water, keep your head elevated, and you will see a major difference. Fight off that Sinusitis.

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