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6 Things You Did Not Know About Soy that Could Harm You and Kids


When speaking about replacing the milk in your diet, soy is the obvious response by friends and advisors around, but it may not be the healthiest or even safest of choices, causing harm to both you and your child. It's only newly that the dangers of soy are mentioned.

Whereas your local market may promote soy products for their ability to be consumed by the lactose-intolerant and vegetable-use oriented, science has discovered that while the fermented soy found in some Asian staples such as miso soup is quite healthy, most others are left in an unfermented state farmed through artificial means that could be detrimental to one’s well-being.

So what are the dangers of soy that could cause you and your child harm?

The Asian Matter: In reality, Asians only began the consumption of soy products in the late Chou dynasty (1134-246 BC) after learning how to ferment it to make tempeh, natto and tamari. They only consume 2 teaspoons of it a day and most definitely do not replace their animal products with it. Unfermented soy products are kept away from like the plague, in full knowledge that it causes deficiencies in many vital areas for survival. In fact, the belief that soy products increase menopausal age and decrease risk of breast cancer in oriental women has been found to be false.

That Healthy Bean: If anyone tells you that modern creations using soy are healthy, provide protein or Vitamin B12, you are given the right to given them a full blown lecture. Not only does it not contain B12, but it increases the body’s need for the vitamin. Furthermore, soybeans are legumes and lack the protein the body needs to survive.

Drinking ADHD: Doctors have been screaming out the information but many mothers still won’t listen. In an effort to raise vegan children, or wholeheartedly believing that milk is bad and soy formulas should do the trick, mothers have been feeding their children 200x the manganese levels safe for an individual, further aggravated by the manganese and other metals found in drinking water used to prepare the formula, which has led to an increase in ADHD diagnoses. The harms caused by such levels of manganese on the brain’s development are irreversible.

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Women’s Health: The ongoing myth is that soy is great for women, especially the menopausal, due to its high phytoestrogen composition. However, research has found that it is in fact extremely dangerous for that very fact, as the phytoestrogen in soy is actually potentially mutagenic, carcinogenic and teratogenic as well as terrible for the development of osteoporosis. This means that as you age, it only makes the bones more brittle and increases cancerous activity and mutations in the body. This, in fact, can become detrimental to the health of unborn children, increasing their risk for cancer and disease.

Lack of Fertility: In men, soya products have been linked to reduced ability to have children due to the phytoestrogens blocking estrogen hormone and the genistein which sabotages the sperm as it enters the female body. Even tiny doses are found to burn out the sperm. For those couples trying for a baby, take care to keep far away from soy products, even the fermented versions.

That Forgetting Disease: A Japanese study has found that soy products cause damage to neurological paths, spurring the onset of Alzheimer’s disease. Those who consumed tofu twice a week had higher rates of cognitive impairment. It also drastically reduces brain weight, especially in middle-aged men.

Recommended soy products include:

• Tempeh: fermented soybean cake.
• Miso: fermented soybean paste found in miso soup.
• Natto: fermented soybeans with cheese-like flavour.
• Soy sauce: traditionally made by fermenting soybeans, salt and enzymes

Note: Stay away from tofu and be careful which soy sauces you use.

Soy sauces to steer clear of include:
• Supreme Low Salt Soy Sauce Flower Brand
• Supreme Soy Sauce Exotic Food
• Soy Sauce Silver Swan
• Kicap Manis Adabi
• Superior Light Soy Sauce Hal Tan Brand
• Soy Sauce Marca Pinta

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