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5 Ways your Autistic Child Might Just be the Smartest in Class

Autistic child

Autism in itself is a condition children are born with marked by a lack of social abilities, including difficulty communicating and understanding non-verbal cues in face-to-face interactions. They are, however, obsessed with regular routines and fixed data in repetitive fashion, with the ability to remember schedules and name the day each date fell on within a few years’ range. Some, particularly savants, are also known to have multiple senses working at the same time, allowing them to hear colors and taste music.

Often, Autistic children are seen as defects or weeds in society, against which many organizations worldwide fight, proposing the "Dandelion Model" as a preface. Are these children truly unwanted weeds in your garden or are they irreplaceable herbs?

In truth, many many autistic children have savant abilities, which are described by the American Association for Mental Deficiency as “persons with obvious mental retardation who are capable of performing in sharply circumscribed areas (e.g. arithmetic, calendar calculating) at a remarkably high level”.

Some abilities that make autistic children better than most others in their classes and perfect for the future include, but most definitely are not restricted to:

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Intense focus and careful execution: Whereas the average person has a hard time concentrating for long periods and performing repetitive and tedious tasks necessary for many companies to survive, autistic children can become integral parts in data entry and software development sections, making them prized for their ability to focus so completely and execute carefully and meticulously.

Arithmetic: Savant individuals, with high IQs but low social functioning, have lightning speed arithmetic skills, making them perfect candidates for any job that requires extensive calculations. As such, perhaps the best accountants are indeed autistic savants.

Music: Studies have shown a dumbfounding ability to master complex sequences in music, meaning your child may be amazing as a musician, possibly directing whole symphonies. Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Richard Strauss and Ludwig Van Beethoven are only a few examples of some of the most famous musical composers of all time.

Art: replication from memory is a piece of cake for many autistic savants, with the art created with accurate and creative perspectives. Art class should be a breeze, followed by hobbies which allow them to channel their creativity and comfort in repetitive strokes of the brush and familiar rhythm of chipping away at stone or forming clay to represent the mind. Famous artists from Pablo Picasso to Michelangelo are known autistic savants who revolutionized art and all its glory.

Decomposition: When it comes to analytical abilities, the autistic children will outperform their classmates in almost every manner. They are able to break down problems into multiple components until it’s easily understandable, a skill which takes time to develop in the average child. New studies show that parts of the brain used for processing visual objects show great differences in organization. Not all autistic children will have this exceptionality, but for those who do, the future does indeed seem bright. They are the ones who will succeed, for they have something better to offer the world.

Your child may be autistic, but that’s no reason to fret. Just don't make this one mistake. Most high-functioning autistic people have been known to be masterminds, shaping the world as we know it. Hope is not lost, so long as these children are given proper support to help them function in the social aspect. They may never be the comedians of the world, but they will work behind the scenes and become celebrities in their own right. You just wait!