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5 Simple Things to do for a Longer, Happier Life

Happy life

Living a long life alone is not enough, but having it full of joy and health is perhaps the best gift one can be bestowed with. Life is never an easy thing, with each step a potential obstacle to overcome. We have read about all the things that can keep us in shape and healthy, but what about making life worthwhile? Live each day like it may be your last but live it in such a way that you prepare yourself for a tomorrow, a next year or next decade.

How do you go about doing that?

1. Give Your Life a Purpose
Strange as it may seem, figuring out one's purpose is the single most important aspect to living a longer life. A Canadian study revealed that purposeful individuals lived longer than their counterparts during the 14 years after the baseline assessment conducted, though markers of psychological and affective well-being were controlled. Furthermore, age did not matter in this study nor whether or not they had retired from the workforce. the longevity benefits of having a purpose in life seems to create a wider buffer zone. According to lead researcher Patrick Hill from Carleton University, “findings point to the fact that finding a direction for life, and setting overarching goals for what you want to achieve can help you actually live longer, regardless of when you find your purpose. So the earlier someone comes to a direction for life, the earlier these protective effects may be able to occur.”

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2. Take Part in Social Activities
What better way to spend the final years of your life than with a close-knit group of individuals who share your interests and work with you towards a common goal? One particular study mentioned in a previous article had looked at the mortality rates of 1,181 community-living people aged 65–84 years in Finland and had found that those who engaged in productive social activities which aimed at helping others, or collective social activities such as cultural organizations lived longer than those who did not. As such, it was concluded that taking part in social activities reduced the risk of institutionalization and mortality.

3. Drink Alcohol in Moderation
As backward as it may sound, this is actually quite true according to a study conducted a few months back. While excessive drinking can cause a myriad of problems in the long run, abstinence is not the answer either. Instead, the best thing to do is balance drink with life, as alcohol works like a social lubricant, relaxing the mind, breaking down barriers, and essentially leading to a boost in confidence. These emotions, in turn, help elongate the life of an individual who drinks 1-3 glasses a day. Since each individual's tolerance level is different, this could amount to very little intoxication and major productivity.

4. Have them Nuts
Nutty is what nutty does and eating nuts has been found to be extra beneficial, cutting down the risk of disease and increasing longevity in the human species. Within a study reported on in a previous article, it was found that the risk of death from heart disease fell 29 percent and the risk of death from cancer fell 11 percent among participants who ate nuts seven or more times a week, in comparison with people who never ate nuts.

5. Keep on Laughing
LOL. LMAO. ROFLMAO. These are slang acronyms we type out constantly when chattering online. We laugh uncontrollably to match these acronyms from time to time. We just need to laugh more. Why? In a previous article I mentioned 15 reasons why we should keep on laughing. Laughter alone can help you in so many things, from losing weight, to warding off diseases. In the end, those who laugh the most live the longest. After all, it is not for nothing that the old saying goes, "For each time you laugh with abandon, you add 10 years to your life." With that in mind, I believe I expect to live unto 250, that is how often I have laughed with such complete mirth.