3 Ways to Fight off Alzheimer's to celebrate Your Next Birthday Without Dementia


We all age at some point in our lives, unless a "Tuck Everlasting" style immortality spring has been found, with the possibility of developing Alzheimer's Disease, an affliction common to the whole world, with highest rates (34.9%) in Finland. The United States rank fourth with 24.8%, while Canada follows at rank sixteen with 16%. It’s an alarming disease that reduces one’s ability to remember dearest friends and family, let alone the simple moments of each day.

The fear of forgetting those you love most exists in most, eating away inside the mind. There are, however, ways to prevent the onset of the disease.

Most people have stable cognitive functions midlife, but once between the ages of 46 and 60, they can see either a decline or increase by about 10-15%. Those who see a decline are more likely to develop hypertension, further deteriorating by the age of 75. It’s a good thing you can stop this downward spiral with a few simple steps.

As such,


• Believe you have control over your physical and cognitive health: The more control one believes he or she has, the better their memory seems to function, according to multiple studies. Feeling less in control increases anxiety and distress, blocking performance levels.

• Make sure you keep working out your brain: The more a person reads, the more a person learns, the more a person sees and thinks and compares, creating connections and analysing moments, the better their memory will be. It’s not necessary to have a Harvard degree. Simple, read, write, go to different classes to expand learning, and/or play musical instruments. It makes a world of difference on the mind’s ability to retain information.

• Exercise the body: Where originally it was found that exercise created new neural connections in the brains of animals, a 2007 study concluded it is also possible in humans, especially in the part of the brain connected to age-related memory decline. Pull on those running shoes and tight exercise gear and head out to work on that body of yours. You will be healthier in mind and body, which is more than anyone can wish for.

We may not be able to live forever, but we can make sure we remember every last special moment. We can live out our old age enjoying the love and comfort family brings, without worry of forgetting names, faces and their existence overall. As romantic as “The Notebook” is, it’s unfair to place our spouses in such lamentable positions, where they must spend the last bit of their lives trying to remind us of our love for them, that it was not a fairy tale faded into the pages of history. Much better to celebrate such beautiful love stories until the very end. Old age should not have to equal a loss of memory. Keep to these 3 steps and you just might ward off Alzheimer’s forever.

Reference: American Psychological Association, World Health Rankings.