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2 Important Reasons an Early Bedtime Can Benefit Your Teenage Grandchild

Sleep Deprivation

It might seem like they are rebelling, that they are being "cool" if they have adopted a late bedtime and turned yourself into a night owl, but it is them who will suffer academically and emotionally, something that worries many a grandparent. Early bedtime is not only for children and the elderly. Teenagers are forgetting that one requires 9 hours of sleep per night, something not achieved by wasting the night hours on what is currently deemed fun.

Sleep is extremely important for the body to be able to function better, cleaning out the mess in your brain and allowing for a fresh page to be opened upon the morrow. Unfortunately, most young teenagers opt to stay up texting, partying and simply enjoying the night hours instead of crawling into bed with a favorite stuffed animal (it may not seem cool now but wait until you're older and cuddling that soft little toy will give you ample amounts of comfort after a hard day) and shutting the eyes against the world.

What research shows:

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A November 10 article published in the Journal of Adolescent Health relayed the results of a longitudinal study looking at 2700 US adolescents from their middle school and high school years to graduation where 11:30 pm was the latest hour recommended to sleep during the school year and 1:30 am during the summer. What researchers discovered was rather interesting. Late bedtimes have been associated with lower SAT scores and higher vulnerability to emotional issues upon their graduation. That means going to college less than prepared to meet the world head-on and all because you refused to be a "granny" or baby.

“Academic pressures, busy after-school schedules, and the desire to finally have free time at the end of the day to connect with friends on the phone or online make this problem even more challenging,” said Lauren Asarnow, lead author of the study and a graduate student in UC Berkeley’s Golden Bear Sleep and Mood Research Clinic. She is definitely onto something. We all crave time to ourselves, where we shut out the world and do something for ourselves on our own, being absolutely anti-social. A time to call our own. Often these moments seem to end up being well into the night, severely affecting health by cutting into vital sleep time.

As a teenager, what should your grandkids be doing instead?

Also, all ages should not forget to make sure that your sleep position is optimal for your health. A good night's sleep will ensure people enjoy your company more because you are nicer and more grateful, while your beauty will benefit more than it would from artificial makeup.

Sleep is not just good for the younger generation but does wonders for the elderly as well. Grandparents worried about their school-age grandchildren's progress academically and psychological welfare should ensure they get the recommended amount of sleep each night.