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10 Simple Ways to Boost Your Metabolism by Howard County General Hospital

Boost Metabolism and Lose Weight

Weight loss and healthy living goals are not gender specific, with boosting metabolism the forefront of their thoughts. John Hopkins Medicine has recommended the tips placed on Howard County General Hospital's Well & Wise blog as simple steps to ensure those goals are achieved.

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Before speaking about these tips, an interesting fact to relay is that
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When it comes to the above mentioned tips, here are a few things recommended:

  1. More activity is needed in your life: Make sure to get enough exercise, to walk, run, skip, move when chattering on the phone and anything else that gets your body moving on regular basis.
  2. Use weights to build up muscle: A single pound of muscle could mean up to 50 calories lost. You don't need a gym for this, either. For both men and women, chores around the house that require lifting can come in very handy.
  3. Fill your diet up with protein: Naturally acquired proteins are always preferable. The body is built to use up twice as much energy in burning off protein, meaning a leaner, healthier you while you get the proper nutrients.
  4. Sleep the prescribed healthy amount: This means, ensure 7-9 hours of sleep for adults per night. Did you know that you burn calories while you sleep as well?
  5. Stay FAR away from starvation mode: You may think it keeps you in shape and healthier to eat only when you feel your tummy rumble, but eating small bits every 2-4 hours actually helps you lose weight faster, while keeping metabolism up.
  6. It wouldn't be a good list without telling you to eat healthy: fill up half your bowl with fruits and vegetables, keeping the main meal to only the other half. Healthier portions that are smaller in size but filling in substance are the best. Contrary to popular belief, eating a high-fat (good fat) breakfast helps keep up the metabolism as well.
  7. Have them fibers: The body has to work much harder to digest these carbohydrates, effectively strengthening the metabolism. Yogurts, cereals, salads and many others can definitely do with the added zing of fiber.
  8. Keep drinking liquids: By liquids, the best to drink is water. Stay away from aspartame infused drinks and high-sugar pick-me-ups that can only hurt the body's health. Enjoy the simple beauty of natural fruit and vegetable juices without added sugar and the refreshing taste of pure water.
  9. Keep your mind and body relaxed: If this means regular meditation or yoga, go for it. Just make sure that you keep yourself as calm as possible, taking everything as lightly as possible and solving problems that may arise as soon as possible to prevent the weight from pressing down on the person. The more stressed a person, the worse the metabolism may work.

Doctor Oz has his own tips to relay as well. The good doctor's not the only one, either. An EmaxHealth article of late concentrated on the myths surrounding metabolism and weight loss, following up on previous recommendations.