Supercharge Your Weight Loss By Eating More Protein, Says Diet Expert Jonny Bowden

Low-Carb Cheese Burgers

Losing weight can feel like stepping through the Looking Glass. One day you lose, the next day you gain. What's up with that? Renowned low-carbohydrate diet expert Jonny Bowden shared his secrets on July 1 in the UK Telegraph. Get the skinny on how to supercharge your weight loss with protein here.

Jonny views increasing your protein intake as "the single best change you can make to your diet." The reason: "Protein keeps you full for longer. Eat three high-protein, high-fat meals every day and you’ll be full for five hours after each one," he explains. If you feel as if you must have a snack between meals, he recommends a protein-rich choice such as peanut butter on celery.

Tea Time
Sip tea throughout the day. Bonus: In addition to helping you stay hydrated, tea reduces your risk of diseases ranging from diabetes to gout. Jonny suggests green tea, which is lower in caffeine and provides you with soothing theanine. Some studies have even shown that green tea can speed up weight loss.


Cheers for Cherries
Enhance your diet with cherries, which Jonny considers an overlooked superfood. With antioxidants, cherries reduce pain and lower your risk of heart disease. They're low in calories, so you can nibble on them for snacks or serve with blueberries for a delicious dessert.

Become a Low Carb Lover
By reducing your intake of carbohydrates, you boost your weight loss and energy level. Jonny recommends cutting in half your intake of cereal, bread, crackers, cookies, rice, and pasta. While you don't have to go completely carb-free, Jonny suggests limiting them to a small amount three to four times a week.

Relish Raw Foods and Kick Sugar
Rock your weight loss with raw foods, such as nuts, fruits and sushi. And kick the sugar, emphasizes Jonny. It drains your energy and increases your risk of diseases ranging from diabetes to dementia. Jonny considers sugar to be addictive. He also recommends avoiding artificial sweeteners. What to do: Eat a sour food such as a pickle to kick your sugar craving.

Resource: UK Telegraph