Six Ways to Supercharge Your Weight Loss without Exercise or Calorie-Counting

Swimsuit Ready

You can count calories, calculate carbohydrates, weigh and measure each bite and spend hours in the gym. But most of us don't have the time - or desire - for those traditional ways of losing weight. Ready for a different path to weight loss success? Read on for the skinny on six slimming ways to supercharge your weight loss from Life & Style's experts.

What's the number one best way to stay full for longer and cut down easily on your food intake? Protein. "Eat three high-protein, high-fat meals a day and you'll be full for five hours after each one"

Craving a snack? Go for a high protein option such as a hard-boiled egg or peanut butter on an apple slice.

Tea Time
Sip tea to reduce your risk of diabetes. Green tea contains less caffeine than coffee and provides you with a stress-reducing amino acid, theanine.

Plus: Green tea fights fat, says WebMD.

Cheer for Cherries
Small, sweet cherries are great for no-guilt snacks and healthy desserts.

Bonus: They contain antioxidants to lower the risk of heart disease.


Cut Carbohydrates
Cookies, crackers, chips and bread calling your name? Set a goal of cutting the amount of carbohydrates that you eat in half. You don't have to measure, just eat less.

Example: Do you typically eat a sandwich with two slices of bread for lunch? Eat an open-faced sandwich instead.

Rah for Raw
Benefit from raw vegetables and fruit to get more fiber and fill up with fewer calories. Example: Eat an apple rather than drink apple juice.

Tip: "Coating meats in a glaze or a dry rub of spices acts as a protective layer when frying at high temperatures."

So Long to Sugar
Stop draining your energy and going on a rollercoaster of highs and lows with too much sugar. This addictive substance can cause you to feel hungry even when you're eaten more than enough calories for the day.

How to break the sugar habit? Eat something that has the opposite effect on the brain, such as a pickle or something sour!

Smoothies Bonus
One way to fill up during meals without adding lots of calories: A low-calorie smoothie. Try unsweetened vanilla almond milk whirred in the blender with half a chopped banana and ice cubes. For 100 calories, this sweet beverage can satisfy you through even the longest morning or afternoon.

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