No Time for Complicated Diets? 25 Fast Weight Loss Tips and Tricks

Weight Loss

It's summer, that time of year for lightweight clothing that exposes your arms, legs and (on the beach) your tummy. If those extra pounds that you added enjoying winter comfort foods won't budge, losing weight can seem more tempting than a hot fudge sundae. Just one problem: Most of us don't have the time required for those complicated diet and fitness programs. Problem solved by the Editors of Prevention, who came up with more than 20 one-minute weight loss tricks and tips. We've summarized them below and added a few tips of our own.

1. Mix a juice spritzer: By combining your favorite juice (half of your usual amount) with plain or sparkling water, you can slash 85 calories a glass. Result: Lose 5 pounds or more a year!

2. Walk and talk: While you're on the phone, walk around the house or even do tasks such as watering plants outside in your yard.

3. Check the serving and just eat one: Some candy bars are labeled as having 220 calories. Check the label and it might be referring to two servings. Limit yourself to one.

4. Go green with green tea: You'll burn fat more easily and the caffeine increases calorie burn.

5. Save money at noon with a lunch bag: By packing a lunch rather than dining out, you can cut as much as 300 calories a day.

6. Replace butter with olive oil: Simple but effective and tasty. You use less olive oil than butter when you dip your bread in oil rather than spreading butter.

7. Free your body from fat with flax: By sprinkling flaxseed on cereal, you'll cut your appetite.

8. Get a thyroid blood test: A shocking one in 12 women do not know that they have an underactive thyroid, which can slow down your metabolism.

9. Drink more water to fill up not out.

10. Save time and lose weight: Don't shred or slice up raw veggies for that salad. Chop them in bigger pieces and you'll actually spend more time chewing and eat less.

11. Talk to a friend to steer clear of emotional eating.

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12. Take one minute to write down what you eat at every meal and snack. This makes you more conscious of what you're eating and helps you cut down (do you really want to see "licked ice cream carton lid" in writing?!).

13. Small is big when it comes to calories. Larger packages can cause you to eat more, so get the small size of nuts, chips or cookies.

14. Increase your speed when you walk.

15. Tempted to eat something like a slice of cake when you're not really hungry? Do 10 sit-ups or push-ups first.

16. Eat soup with veggies in it to fill up before you eat lunch.

17. Before you bite into that pizza, blot off the oil or fat.

18. Choose foods high in water content like strawberries, melon and cucumber.

19. Boost your metabolism with fish that is rich in omega-3 fatty acids such as salmon.

20. Suck on a cough drop or mint that contains menthol.

21. Put inspiring slogans on your fridge, such as "one day at a time."

22. Save half of your dinner for later. That way, you can have your before-bed snack but cut down on calories.

23. Before you buy any food, see if it contains sugar. If it does, skip it and find a substitute.

24. Weigh yourself daily to stay aware.

25. Wear a pedometer and aim for just 100 steps more daily.