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Get Your Best Beach Body with 50 Ways to Burn 50 Calories This Summer


It's time to slip into those revealing summer clothes. If you're searching for cover-ups to hide those love handles that you loathe, it's not to late to win at weight loss. The Huffington Post has compiled a list of fun ways to burn 50 calories. Just do a few of these activities a day to shed those excess pounds fast. We've added some tips below.

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50 Ways To Burn 50 Calories

  1. Ride a bike for seven minutes. Tip: Make sure to wear a helmet.
  2. Vacuum for 13 minutes. Tip: Have allergies? Wear a light dust mask.
  3. Dance to the music for 11 minutes. Tip: Have children? Encourage them to join in.
  4. Do yoga for 17 minutes. Tip: For something special, do yoga on the beach barefoot!
  5. Multi-task by barbecuing for about 20 minutes. Tip: Choose lean meats and add lots of vegetables to cut the fat and calories.
  6. Grab a Frisbee and play for six minutes.
  7. Hike for six minutes. Tip: No areas for hiking near you? Walk briskly up a steep street.
  8. Burn 50 calories by playing catch for 18 minutes. Tip: No one to play with? Grab the family dog to include Fido in the fun.
  9. Doing water aerobics for 12 minutes does the trick. Tip: Can't find a class near you? Try your local YMCA.
  10. For something different, try kayaking for 10 minutes.
  11. Get out your non-electric mower and mow the lawn for eight minutes.
  12. Wash your car for 15 minutes. Tip: Don't forget to vacuum the interior to eliminate those dust bunnies.
  13. Get a win-win by gardening for 12 minutes for a beautiful lawn and slimmer body.
  14. Chasing around with the kids for 12 minutes burns 57 calories.
  15. To supplement that gardening, do heavy-duty yard work, cutting the bushes and trees, for just 10 minutes.
  16. Tennis, anyone? Play doubles for 10 minutes.
  17. You're never too old to enjoy badminton with a buddy for 10 minutes.
  18. Grab a jump rope and get jumping for just five minutes. Tip: This exercise is great for balance and flexibility.
  19. Tee time! Play for 10 minutes.
  20. Be a beach volleyball virtuoso for six minutes.
  21. Oh baby: push a stroller for 20 minutes.
  22. Playing with your pet for 15 minutes can benefit both of you. Tip: No pet? Volunteer at an animal shelter to walk the dogs.
  23. Tone your abs and strengthen your core by paddle boarding for 12 minutes.
  24. Experience something different by jet skiing for seven minutes.
  25. A 12-minute round of ping pong burns 54 calories.
  26. Sail or windsurf for 15 minutes.
  27. Tread water for 12 minutes.
  28. Play Flag Football for six minutes. Tip: Don't have anyone to play with? Try your local community parks and recreation center.
  29. Fish for 15 minutes to burn 51 calories and (you hope) get a fresh fish dinner!
  30. It's the great American game: play baseball for 10 minutes.
  31. Here's a speedy one: Just four minutes of roller-blading. Tip: Wear knee pads and a helmet for safety.
  32. Enjoy six minutes of basketball.
  33. Scoooore! Try 10 minutes of soccer.
  34. Pretty as a picture: Paint for 15 minutes.
  35. Six minutes of jumping jacks burns 56 calories and improves your bone density.
  36. Cook up a healthy meal by chopping and dicing vegetables and fruits for 25 minutes. Tip: On Sundays, cut up fresh vegetables and fruits to have available as snacks all week long. Keep in sealed containers.
  37. How about an old-fashioned game of Croquet for 20 minutes?
  38. Five minutes of stair-climbing helps you tone your legs while you burn calories.
  39. Seven minutes of racquetball racks up those calories-burned points.
  40. Return to your childhood by playing kickball for ten minutes.
  41. Rock on by rock-climbing for four minutes.
  42. 10 minutes of cleaning the garage and gutters burns more than 50 calories.
  43. Enjoy eight minutes of water-skiing.
  44. Even slow walking for 12 minutes burns 55 calories. Tip; Walk faster to burn more calories.
  45. Dive for 15 minutes.
  46. Shop for 20 minutes, walking briskly around the store. Tip: Take a list to curb your spending and shop wisely.
  47. Nine minutes of playing tag makes you feel like a kid again.
  48. Burn 57 calories with 10 minutes of hopscotch.
  49. Mop the floor for 12 minutes.
  50. Tread water for 12 minutes.

Try these activities that are easy and fun to do. Any one of these 50 activities will help you burn at least 50 calories to help you get beach body ready.