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Get Inspired: 10 Most Fit and Fabulous Women of the 2013 Reebok CrossFit Games


They look amazing, and their energy level makes it clear that they feel that way too. So how did the top 10 most fit and fabulous women of the 2013 Reebok Crossfit Games achieve their enviable bodies? Read on to get their insights in interviews from Shape magazine.

Stacie Tovar: At 28, Stacie maintains the energy level and body of someone a decade younger. “Every day, I get a solid nine hours of sleep, get up and train, hustle the corporate life from 9 to 5, train some more, and repeat,” she explained. “In between, I make sure to eat clean, eat plenty, stay hydrated, mobilize, and, most of all, have fun while trying to balance it all.”

Rebecca Voigt: At 32, she has a "do it better" mantra: "Move better, eat better, sleep better,” she said. And she also knows the importance of an occasional cheat day, celebrating her wins with "rest, recap, and eat a lot of junk food." The day after she scores "is definitely a cheat day!”

Kara Webb: Only 23, she's already learned the importance of the KISS (Keep It Simple, Sweetheart) approach. "I constantly remind myself that my results are not a reflection of one great effort but rather the sum of many small efforts every day,” she said. Avoiding processed food and sodas, she adds, “Always eat varied real food, have a water bottle in your hand, work hard when it's time to work, and rest well when its time to rest.”

Christy Phillips: At 28, she's a busy registered nurse and coach as well as an athlete. But she makes time in her busy life to work out, training two hours on weekdays and two to three hours on weekends. She knows how important it is to take time to rest, however, “About a week before the Games, I take a break to make sure my body's ready.”

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Camille Leblanc-Bazinet: At 25, she has made working out a family affair to stay motivated. Camille became involved by joining her twin brother in getting fit.

Katrin Davidsdottir: At 20, she began her fitness regime in gymnastics. And she continues to progress by holding true to her work ethic. “Every day I want to improve. I go into every practice with the mindset that I will do my very best,” she said. She also focuses on her own achievements rather than judging herself by others. “I'll be happy with the results as long as I know that I pushed myself as hard as I could and I gave it my all.”

Becky Conzelman: At 40, Becky proves that getting older doesn't mean giving up. She appreciates the social aspect of her workouts. “I was drawn to CrossFit because I love to compete and I love the community,” she explained, noting that she recognizes that because she's older, “training has to be smarter, not harder.” As part of that approach, Becky follows a nutritional Paleo diet.

Gretchen Kittelberger: At 27, Greetchen is only five feet, two inches. She uses her gymnastics background to maintain perfect form. “I like to try to visualize in my mind the movements before I do them and recreate the feeling in my mind of what it feels like to do each movement. I relied on this type of visualization a lot in gymnastics."

Valerie Voboril: Taking time off to be a mom, at 34 Valerie maximizes her time in the gym even though she spends only one hour a day, five days a week. “My focus is to maintain balance in my life. Family, fitness, career, and fun!” she declares.

Annie Thorisdottir rounds up the top 10. She currently ranks as “Fittest Woman on Earth” and, at 23, is already looking forward to the Games in 2014.