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'Extreme Weight Loss' Guru Chris Powell Unveils Most Common Diet and Exercise Errors

Chris Powell

So you've resolved to lose weight, and you're walking more, eating less. The problem: The scale isn't budging. According to "Extreme Weight Loss" celebrity trainer and diet guru Chris Powell, you just might be making the most common slim-down slip: Thinking you have to change everything overnight, he said in an interview with KMBZ. And when it comes to carving out time for fitness versus taking time to weigh and measure your food, "when it comes to weight loss, diet is at the foundation for everything," Chris said firmly.

The good news: Small changes can make a big difference. Rather than thinking that you have to "restrict, restrict, restrict, restrict, just make one or two tiny changes. Maybe just take the soda out of lunchtime. Or maybe try eating breakfast. You know, just those tiny little changes that are truly attainable." The key is to make those changes on a daily basis. "Losing weight is an everyday choice," Chris emphasizes. "It is about rewiring your mind, retraining yourself and looking at weight loss from a totally different perspective so that we make it an active decision every single day." But that doesn't mean saying that you can't ever have a food that you love. In fact, Chris encourages an occasional cheat day. "Reward yourself for sticking to healthy foods by scheduling one or two cheat days in between," he says.

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A diet guru encouraging cheating? What's up with that? Chris believes that if you are told that you can never have a food you enjoy such as pizza again, "your body is naturally going to crave what you can't have. You want pizza and ice cream, and as you are losing weight, you're naturally going to crave all these things. So it is nice to know that in a few days you can have it. You can reward yourself." The concept of switching from low carbohydrate days to higher carbohydrate days is known as carb cycling. "On the low-carb days, you get the results of a low-carb diet," Chris says. "But on a high-carb day, you actually boost your metabolism, you build muscle. So you get this beautiful offset of fat-loss and then metabolic boosting. You eat high-carbs on the days you want to boost your metabolism and build some muscle. On low-carb days, you burn a lot of fat."

Exercise Counts Too

Think that means you can slough off fitness? Wrong. Chris cites his own experience when he discovered the benefits of working out at age 14. The smallst in his class, targeted by bullies, he received a gift of a home gym from his parents. "That's when I first found exercise, and it changed my life," Chris says. "It empowered me. It made me feel good about myself. And that is why I am so excited about this stuff, because I know what it can do for people."

Start with just five to 10 minutes, and then add on, says Chris. Make attainable promises that you know you can achieve. "Because if you say 45 minutes, sure enough a day's going to come where you simply can't fulfill that promise to yourself. It's not just about the exercise. It's about making promises and keeping promises to yourself." Chris has come up with a workout that he calls his "9-Minute Missions," involving two-minute cycles of high intensity exercises, a minute off, then repeating the cycle. An example: 30 high-knees, 20 back lunges and 10 bridge-ups. Learn more by visiting Chris' site: http://chrispowell.com/.