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Experience a Day with America's Healthiest Physician Dr. Oz: What You Can Learn

Dr. Oz

Seeking help with enhancing your health? America's healthiest physician, talk show host and cardiologist Dr. Mehmet Oz knows the secrets. In an interview on July 9 with Metro, Dr. Oz unveiled just what he does in a typical day. See what you can learn from this health expert.

Kick-start Your Day with Early Morning Yoga
After arising at 5:45 a.m., Dr. Oz does a 10-minute yoga and calisthenics routine. It consists primarily of "yoga, with some calisthenics,” he says. “I change those calisthenics a little bit, but they’re essentially core work, so sit-ups, push-ups, etc." Lesson to learn: Make time first thing in the morning for exercise, so that you don't have excuses for skipping that workout as the day goes on.

Heigh Ho, Heigh Ho, It's Off to Work He Goes
A quick shower, and Dr. Oz is on his way to tape two shows a day. His breakfast consists of Greek yogurt, berries and a green juice. What's in that juice? Assorted fruits and veggies ranging from celery to apples to limes. Lesson to learn: A good breakfast starts your day right. Combine protein such as yogurt with fresh produce.

Work, But Make Time for Lunch
Dr. Oz's busy morning includes rehearsals, a morning meeting and showtime. However, he makes time for a plant-based lunch, such as cauliflower. He's upbeat about his choice of healthy food, telling the interviewer, “Here, eat that, it’s good." Lesson to learn: Vegetables are good for you, but don't fall into the trap of feeling deprived. Find vegetables that you enjoy eating, whether it's a mixture of green beans and zucchini or cauliflower and mushrooms.

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Plan Ahead to Avoid Feeling Rushed
Dr. Oz stays on schedule by planning meetings, additional rehearsals and his shows. He's focused on his goal of telling viewers how to stay healthy by taping positive promos. ped, Dr. Oz runs upstairs to his studio to record voice-overs and promos for the local markets. “[What] people don’t realize about television is it’s a very local business,” Dr. Oz explains. "It’s a national show, but you have to help the local people win their markets. So, you’ve got to give them stuff to help them tell the story." Lesson to learn: Believe in what you're doing and take the time to put your beliefs into action.

Relax at Dinner
Some families these days spend dinner in separate rooms, with the kids watching TV, the parents on their laptop and teens playing video games. Dr. Oz makes a point of dining with his family. His wife Lisa is a vegetarian, who he describes as a "great chef. She makes a great pasta [with] different kinds of pesto sauces, arrabiata sauces — she’s really good at making that stuff come alive. She will cook tofu-based dishes quite a bit. She’s great at squashes. She takes vegetables and she makes them taste out of this world. We’ll have a big salad with different kinds of exotic dressings that she’ll mix up. It doesn’t take her hours and hours to make it." Lesson to Learn: The family that eats together can stay healthy together by focusing on eating right and conversation. Experiment with different recipes that feature vegetables. For healthy recipes, check out Dr. Oz's recipe section of his Web site.

Rest Time
Dr. Oz believes in resting in the evening, preparing his scripts and notes for the next day. Even on weekends, he rarely goes out, "because I like to be rested for the next day." And rather than memorize his notes, he seeks to "understand it.” Lesson to learn: Balance your personal life with your professional life, making time for work as well as time for relaxation. "I’m always in bed by 10:15 at the latest,” says Dr. Oz. “I fight for that. It’s the most important thing I do. I won’t take a phone call at 10:15 because anyone who’s calling at 10 o’clock is gonna rile you up. … The No. 1 biggest mistake we make in America is not sleeping, by far.”

Weekend Fun
“I rarely leave my house on weekends,” Dr. Oz confesses. “I just love, for roughly 48 hours, decompressing completely with no real worldly concerns, because during the week you’re going full speed all the time.” He enjoys sports, such as basketball and tennis, outdoor activities and an occasional family movie. Lesson to learn: Winding down on the weekends should involve spending time with the people you love in healthy pursuits.

Parenting Wisdom
Do you worry about raising your children? Dr. Oz emphasizes the importance of making it easy for kids to "do the right thing," saying, "I’ve always found that if I make it easy for them to do the right thing, they’ll do it. So instead of saying ‘Don’t eat that candy,’ I just don’t bring any candy in the house. If they happen to bring candy from a friend, then they should eat it. I’m not gonna confiscate it and throw it away. Let them eat it and then move on.” Lesson to learn: Be firm but flexible.