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Dr. Oz Unveils 12 Natural Immunity Boosters to Enhance Health

Dr. Oz Show

Do you feel as if you tend to get sick too much? Can't seem to protect yourself from the common cold or flu? On his July 15 talk show, Dr. Mehmet Oz unveiled 12 natural immunity boosters that boost your body's ability to battle disease.

Cope with colds: Japanese mushrooms boost your immunity because they contain an antioxidant called ergothioneine. Whether you eat mushrooms raw or cook them, your body stays healthier with this food. Tip: Try slicing into an omelet, dice over a salad or bake with chicken or fish.

Prevent tummy trouble: To help the health of your gut, try oregano oil. It counteracts bad bacteria growing in your belly. Spread out the dosage and take 200 mg three times daily. Tip: Taking it all in one dose prevents your body from fully benefiting from this immunity booster.

Liver support: By detoxifying your liver, you strengthen your immune cells. Enjoy kale, lettuce, cabbage and other cruciferous vegetables. These veggies assist your liver in flushing out toxins. Tip; Try kale chips in place of potato chips.

Adrenal glands: By balancing your adrenal glands, you can improve your immune system. For a healthy dose of amino acids to support those glands, enjoy 1/2 cup of avocado each day. One serving of avocado also gives your body healthy fats and antioxidants. Tip: Make creamy salad dressing by putting diced avocado, plain Greek yogurt and tomato juice in a blender.

Farewell to flu: Break down the accumulation of toxins in the organs, particularly in the lungs and sinuses, with ginger. Ayurveda practices show that ginger detoxifies your lymphatic system. Warming your body, ginger helps fight off toxins that can lower your immune system. Tip: Try ginger tea or nibble on ginger candy.

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See more clearly: Protecting your vision is critical as you age. To enhance your vision, enjoy black currants. This fruit contains the compound anthocyanosides, which improves your night vision. In addition, because they have high levels of vitamin C (five times as much as an orange), they supercharge your immunity. Tip: Try adding black currants to your muffin mix, stir into cereal or add to yogurt.

Cholesterol levels: Make sure to keep your levels of "bad" cholesterol low. One way to do this naturally: Oatmeal, which contains soluble fiber. Tip: Enjoy oatmeal for breakfast, make oatmeal muffins for snacks or try stirring oats into your meatloaf mixture.

Skin health: Your skin reveals your health. Keep it youthful and glowingly healthy with the juice in pomegranate seeds. Their secret ingredients: Ellagic acid and punic alagin, which battle free radicals and preserve the collagen in your skin. In addition, these seeds give you phytonutrients to protect your skin's health.

Reduce heart attack and stroke risk: Love to crunch and munch at snack time? Then go for pumpkin seeds. Great sources of magnesium, these seeds reduce your blood pressure to lower your risk for a strike or heart attack. Tip: During the week, it's easy to get so busy that you have no time to fix a healthy snack to take to work. On the weekend, prepare mini snack bags of pumpkin seeds to keep in your desk at work.

Cancel a cough: Instead of over the counter medications, try sage extract for a natural expectorant. It eases your cough and removes mucus. Try in tea or hot water. Tip: Stir in honey to soothe your throat.

Help for hair: Did you know that some conditions can cause hair loss? Eggs contain iron, biotin and B12, all of which help your hair's health. In addition, the iron in the eggs helps prevent anemia, which can cause hair to fall out. Tip: Make stuffed eggs by hard-boiling eggs, cooling, and mashing the yolk with plain Greek yogurt and herbs.

Fight cancer: Graviola is a natural immunity booster. Among its purposes: Killing parasites, helping with liver problems, lowering fever, curing colds and fighting flu.

Tai Chi for Tension
Dr. Oz says that performing tai chi can ease tension, enhance your balance and strengthen your spine. Reducing your level of stress also can help you avoid diseases and fight them more easily. Try Tai Chi with this video on Dr. Oz's site, showing his own tai chi instructor and martial arts master Karl Romain.