Diets for Dudes: 10 Best Fit Foods for Men Plus Juicing Recipe


Ever feel as if articles on diets tend to be targeted at the fairer sex? Unfair, right? Well, we're doing our part to make the scales more even by featuring the 10 best fit foods for men. From the perfect protein to the most virtuous veggie, get the dish below. Plus, we're sharing Chaz Bono's favorite juicing recipe below. Son of Cher, Chaz recently lost 65 pounds and is an example of what really works when it comes to the right foods for men's diets.

Turkey rocks when it comes to protein. At 72 calories per 3-oz serving and seven grams of protein per ounce, turkey deserves a space on your plate three times a week. "It's also got a ton of amino acids, and there are little or no saturated fats," says Elizabeth Ward, M.S., R.D., a nutritionist in Reading, Mass. "Plus, it's one of the most versatile cuts of meat around, so you can easily eat it throughout the week and never have the same thing twice."

Olive Oil should be used in your meals carefully because it contains 119 calories per tbsp. Aim for two tablespoons daily of this heart-healthy fat.

Quinoa is a whole grain that contains 318 calories per half cup. Aim for two to three servings weekly. "Quinoa is also a great source of fiber and B vitamins," says Christopher Mohr, Ph.D., R.D. a professor of nutrition at the University of Louisville.

Black Beans contain 227 calories per cup. Eat two servings weekly to boost energy and stay full. "Beans of all types are always high on most nutritionists' lists," says Chicago-based nutritionist Jennifer R. Bathgate, R.D.

Eggs can be eaten once a day without stressing about cholesterol, says Ward. One contains 74 calories and 4 grams of protein. "They're the gold standard in terms of providing all the right nutrients for muscle growth," says Ward. For that reason, they're egg-zactly perfect when it comes to food for men's diets.

Sweet Potatoes have 100 calories per medium-sized spud. You get more than 100% of our daily supply of beta carotene, a hefty dose of iron, and a plentiful shot of vitamins C and E. Just leave off the marshmallows and butter!


Soy contains 300 calories per cup and can be eaten twice a week. Dietitian Wendy Jo Peterson, of Virginia Beach, who's married to a SEAL, serves up soybeans regularly. "They think they don't like it until I make them try it, and afterward, I tell them it's soybeans." Terming it the "perfect food," Peterson notes it's got protein and fiber.

Beef up your muscles with beef. At 163 calories per 3-oz serving, beef can be eaten three to four times a week for its muscle-building amino acids, iron and zinc. Don't stress about fat: USDA data indicates that today's beef is up to 20% leaner than it was a decade ago.

Whole-Wheat Bread contains 140 calories in 2 slices. Enjoy six slices weekly for its fiber. "Even if you're cutting carbs, there's still a place for complex whole grains in your diet," says Mohr. "They leave you feeling fuller longer, and they provide the longest possible supply of sustained energy." Read the label to ensure you're buying true whole wheat rather than enriched white flour products.

Almonds contain only 82 calories per 1/2-oz serving, yet many people avoid nuts because they think they're fattening. You can eat 3 servings a week to benefit from their protein, fiber and vitamin E. Gary Fraser, Ph.D., a professor of medicine at Loma Linda University in California, studied folks who added two ounces of almonds to their diet on a regular basis. Turns out they had no significant weight change. "Since nuts are such a hard food, it appears that a significant amount of their calories are never absorbed into the body," he says.

Chaz Bono Juice Recipe

Chaz just lost 65 pounds. Appearing on "The Doctors," he shared his favorite juice recipe, which deserves a place on the list of the best foods for men's diets.

• Beets
• Kale
• Carrots
• Cucumber
• Celery
• Ginger
• Parsley
• Apple
• Lemon
• Watermelon, or seasonal fruit of your choice
1.Blend the fruits and vegetables together in a juicer. You can vary the amounts of each juice to taste.
2. Pour in glass and garnish, if desired.
3. Enjoy!

Source: Men's Fitness Magazine