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Determined Diet Bloggers Share Their Best Weight Loss Tips

Diet Tips

Eat, blog and lose. Is that the new diet formula for weight loss success? CNN interviewed the leading diet bloggers to see how they manage to succeed with their goals. We're sharing their best slim-down tips here.

Make a Plan
When you're busy, you can lose track of your normal routine. That makes it even harder. The secret: Plan ahead. "Being on the go takes you out of your normal routine, which makes food mistakes more likely," says Diane Carbonell, who lost 150 pounds and blogs at Fittothefinish.com.

Be Wise at Work
"I come in with yogurt or a granola bar. If I don't take the time to bring a snack, I'll be tempted to fill the craving in another way, like running to the bakery for a cupcake." says Jennifer Dome who lost 45 pounds and blogs at stellarfashionandfitness.com.

And stay away from food pushers in the office. "If your co-worker breaks out a bag of mini candy bars, ask yourself, 'Am I going to feel better if I have one?' This makes you get into the habit of saying no (and then saying yes only if you really want it). If you ask yourself that question, you realize that you can say no and move on," advises Annabel Adams, who lost 150 pounds and blogs at feedmeimcranky.com.

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Kitchen Creativity
Does temptation lurk in your kitchen? Clean it out.

"I make my house a 'safe zone.' I don't bring home any food that will be tempting. I also make it easy on myself: As soon as I bring groceries home, I immediately cut up fruit so it is readily available," reveals Shelley Bowman who lost 110 pounds and blogs at myjourneytofit.com.

Smooth Shopping
Travel alone rather than let others influence you.

"I try to never bring my husband and kids to the grocery store with me. If we all go together, they'll put a bunch of crap in the cart," says Josie Maurer, who lost 38 pounds and blogs at yumyucky.com

Snacking at Night
Longing fro a midnight snack? Treat yourself with low-calorie indulgences.

"For an evening snack, I make a sundae out of Greek yogurt, walnuts, a chopped banana and maybe a few dark-chocolate chips. It feels indulgent," declares Cammy Chapel, who lost 100 pounds and blogs at tippytoediet.com