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Boost Your Weight Loss with These 15 Fabulous Fat-Fighting Foods

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Think DD is for diet deprivation? Think again. We've got the dish on 15 fabulously fat-melting foods that will you have agreeing with our new acronym: Diet Delights! Get ready to stock up to slim down on these good-for-you, good-tasting diet delights from WebMD's experts:

  1. Eggs: High in protein, eggs help you feel full and avoid blood sugar spikes.
  2. Beans: Suppressing your appetite, beans fill you up with fiber and lower your cholesterol.
  3. Salad: Even if you love to eat a lot of food, you can fill up on lots of salad without worries.
  4. Green tea: Soothing and slimming, green tea contains catechins to supercharge your metabolism and fat burning abilities.
  5. Pears: Fiber-rich, these sweet treats contain pectin fiber to cut cravings.
  6. Soup: Sip chicken soup before a meal to naturally reduce how much you eat.
  7. Lean beef: High in the amino acid leucine, lean beef helps you lose weight while you maintain your muscle, which boosts fat-burning.
  8. Olive oil: This monounsaturated fat burns more calories and is great for your skin.
  9. Grapefruit: Gobble up half a grapefruit before each meal to boost weight loss with grapefruit's phytochemicals, which cause your body to convert calories into energy, not fat.
  10. Cinnamon: On yogurt, oatmeal or toast, it can help you keep your blood sugar levels steady.
  11. Hot red pepper: Boost your metabolism and reduce your hunger with this spicy delight.
  12. Vinegar: Fill up, not out, with vinegar to avoid blood sugar spikes.
  13. Tofu: High in protein, low in calories, it's great in a stir-fry.
  14. Nuts: Enjoy a handful of nuts for a slimming snack.
  15. High-fiber cereal: Fll up at breakfast with a high fiber cereal.