Actress Marilu Henner Shares her Energy Makeover Plan and Diet with Dr. Oz


Most of us lose energy and gain weight as we age. But actress Marilu Henner seems to have figured out how to turn back the clock: She's gained energy and lost weight as she's gotten older. Marilu visited Dr. Mehmet Oz's July 4 talk show to share the secrets to her slimming energy makeover.


Marilu admits that she experimenting with a variety of diet approaches before she devised a plan that helped her lose more than 50 pounds and boost her energy level. Here are the guidelines that Marilu developed:

  • Stop soda: Marilu was drinking a shocking two gallons of soda daily. That double whammy of caffeine and sugar put her on an energy rollercoaster while causing her to gain weight. Kick your soda habit to lose weight and stop the energy sags.
  • Dump dairy: In Marilu's experience, dairy made her feel bloated and depleted. However, she emphasizes the importance of getting your calcium from other sources, such as broccoli and beans.
  • Healthy lifestyle: Even if she just speed walks for 10 minutes, Marilu exercises daily. She believes in the benefits of vitamins as well.
  • Besides overhauling her diet, Marilu took extra steps to reform her health. The first change was to exercise; Marilu still makes a point to break a sweat every day, even if it’s just 10 minutes of speed walking. She also takes vitamins. And Marilu seeks to find ways to help others to stay busy and positive.

Fuel Your Body with Food Combining
One of the most intriguing concepts in the diet world features food combining. Marilu is an advocate of this approach, attributing it to the fact that she feels healthy and energized all the time. Food combining involves eating specific combinations of food to enhance your digestion and boost your energy. Her theory: Your body requires more energy if a meal takes a long time to digest. By using the principles of food combining, you can speed up the digestive process and therefore have more energy. Marilu says that there are three rules for food combining:

  • Rule 1: Proteins, Starches and Fruits Should Not Be Combined: Because these food groups are digested in different parts of your body, eating them together depletes your body of energy. You can eat protein but only combine it with vegetables or legumes. If you want to eat starchy foods, eat them with vegetables or legumes.
  • Rule 2: Eat Fruit Alone: Marilu recommends eating fruit as a snack. Never eat it with protein or with starch.
  • Rule 3: Eat Your Water – Don’t Drink It: Are you in the habit of washing down your food with water? Marilu believes this dilutes your digestive juices. To stay hydrated, choose foods with a high percentage of water such as tomatoes.
  • Marilu does not advocate drinking water with your meals, as she believes doing so will dilute your digestive juices. Instead, she recommends eating “wet”

Here is a sample meal plan from Marilu:

  • Breakfast: An omelet with beans and vegetables combines protein (eggs) with legumes (beans) and vegetables. Include a hydrating vegetable, such as tomatoes, which you could serve on the side.
  • Lunch: Mashed potatoes with an arugula salad combines starch with vegetables to boost your energy.
  • Dinner: Shrimp and a peanut lettuce wrap combines protein (shrimp) with vegetables (lettuce) and legumes (peanuts). Marilu notes that this will help your body digest your meal prior to bedtime.