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You may be able to beat Alzheimer's with a good diet and exercise

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A new UCLA study shows it may be possible to beat Alzheimer's with such natural treatments and home remedies like a good diet and exercise.


Alzheimer's disease is a dreaded disease that causes dementia in the elderly. This type of dementia causes serious problems with a person's memory, thinking and behavior reports the Alzheimer's Association. This symptoms of this devastating illness generally develop very slowly and eventually become severe enough to disrupt everyday tasks. This is the most serious type of dementia which makes up 60 to 80 percent of all cases of dementia. There is hope that a good diet and exercise may be able to help prevent Alzheimer's.

A healthy lifestyle may help you beat Alzheimer's

A healthy lifestyle may be the key to preventing Alzheimer's. UCLA reports the protein build-ups in the brain which are associated with Alzheimer's may be decreased with a good diet and exercise. In this study it was determined that the incidence of protein build-ups in the brain which are linked to Alzheimer's may be lowered with a healthy diet, physical activity on a regular basis and a body mass index which is in the normal range.

Primary indicators of Alzheimer's are considered to be deposits of a toxic protein which is called beta-amyloid in the spaces between nerve cells located in the brain and knotted tangles of the tau protein which is found within brain cells. An experimental type of PET scan was used to measure the level of plaque and tangles found in the brains of participants in this study. There were lower levels of tangles on the brain scans of subjects who had a healthy body mass index, engaged in regular physical activity and adhered to a Mediterranean diet.

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The Mediterranean diet is associated with healthier brains

The Mediterranean diet is a delicious diet which is rich in vegetables, legumes, fruits, cereals and fish and which is low in meat and dairy. There is a high ratio of monounsaturated to saturated fats with this diet which also consists of mild to moderate consumption of alcohol. This delicious and nutritious diet along with exercise serves as powerful natural remedies for the prevention of Alzheimer's.

In previous studies a healthy lifestyle was found to be associated with delays in the development of Alzheimer’s. This is the first study to show that lifestyle factors directly influence abnormal proteins seen in people who have subtle memory loss but who have not yet been diagnosed as suffering from dementia. It has also been observed that healthy lifestyles are associated with less shrinking of the brain and decreased rates of atrophy in people suffering fro Alzheimer’s.

The National Institute on Aging notes that Alzheimer’s disease is an irreversible, progressive brain disorder which results in the slow destruction of memory and thinking skills. Sufferers eventually can not carry out even simple tasks. Generally this disorder appears in the mid-60s. Experts have suggested that greater than 5 million Americans may suffer from Alzheimer’s. It is clearly very significant that adherence to a healthy lifestyle can help prevent and slow the progression of this disorder.

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