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Where cholera is prevalent drinking iced tea may increase risk

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Iced tea

Researchers say that there may be an increased risk of cholera in endemic countries from drinking iced tea.


Iced tea is looked upon as a refreshing and healthy drink by most people. Yet in nation's where cholera is prevalent the iced tea may not be very healthy and may actually increase the risk of getting this potentially deadly disease.

Cholera is a serious diarrheal disease

It has been reported by MedicalXPress that in countries where cholera is endemic drinking iced tea may increase the risk of getting this infectious disease. Cholera is a serious diarrheal disease which is found in various locations worldwide. Cholera is seen where there is inadequate supply of clean drinking water which is clean and and where hygiene is poor.

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Drinking iced tea can be a risk factor for getting cholera

Vietnam was confronted with an increase in cases of cholera from 2007-2010 after greater than a decade of a decline in the incidence of this illness. Researchers have said that in Ben Tre province of Vietnam drinking iced tea or water which was not boiled, having a water source which is located near a toilet, living with someone who has diarrhea, and not being well educated were risk factors for getting cholera. The bacteria which causes the disease is called Vibrio cholerae.

Greater than a million people worldwide suffer from cholera every year

There are greater than a million people worldwide who suffer from cholera every year. There are tens of thousands of deaths from this disease. Cholera is generally spread via drinking water which is contaminated. Measures which can be taken to prevent cholera include drinking rainwater which is stored, eating seafood which is cooked and vegetables which are steamed.

PLOS reports in Vietnam the association found between drinking iced tea and cholera and the spread of Vibrio cholerae warrants more research. The association between getting cholera and drinking iced tea and unboiled water has been compelling. The lesson to be learned from this is to be very careful that the water you drink and use for iced tea is safe for drinking if you really want your drink to be refreshing and healthy.