UN blasts excessive medicalizing and torture by psychiatrists: Natural alternatives are the best option for mental health care!

Apr 21 2017 - 12:45am

In a significant move highlighting how tragically criminal in nature psychiatry is UN Rapporteurs have hit psychiatry for
the excessive medicalization of mental health issues and for torture which is inherent in psychiatric practices. Clearly non-psychiatric natural mental health care approaches are the only humane and effective interventions for mental health issues.

Psychiatric abuse victim

There is heavy funding of the propaganda machine of psychiatry which has people worldwide deceived into believing psychiatrists work in the best interests of their mental health. However in actual practice psychiatry has always been a highly destructive discipline which feeds off of the pain and suffering psychiatrists inflict people with. Natural non-psychiatric alternatives to mental health care are the best remedy for this tragic problem.

What is needed is a green alternative to a tragically misguided mental health system. Genita Petralli is a nutritional biochemist who focuses her clinical work with patients on green mental health care and the reclaiming of lives from psychiatric drugs. In considerations of natural alternatives for mental health care sunshine has been recognized as a great natural remedy to nurture mental health. Pets have also been noted to help dramatically with mental health care.

Serious problem of the excessive "medicalization" of mental health issues

CCHR International has published a report by Kelly Patricia O’Meara dealing with how United Nations Special Rapporteur, Dr. Dainius Puras, has set a milestone by addressing the serious problem of the excessive "medicalization" of mental health issues. Dr. Puras has highlighted that there is no evidence which supports psychotropic drugs as a first line form of treatment for mental health issues. The serious problems associated with excessive medicalization of mental health and the gross overuse of biomedical interventions have been highlighted.


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Dr. Puras has pointed out that evidence does not support the use of psychotropic drugs as the first line treatment for depression and other mental conditions. It is stressed that there is more harm than good done by the excessive use of drugs and other biomedical interventions for mental issues. This approach actually undermines the right of people to health and should be stopped.

Medicalizing various types of psychosocial distress and human suffering tragically undermines the rights of people to being healthy


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