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Try spring water with a twist of lemon instead of binge drinking to save your liver

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Binge drinker

Researchers say if you think that binge drinking is safer for your liver than regular heavy drinking than perhaps you should stop and think this over again.


Binge drinking is a trendy thing to take part in for college students at fraternity parties and other party goers. A lot of people have the impression that binge drinking is safer for their health than regular heavy drinking. Researchers say this is a false impression.

Drinking too much can lead to a fatty liver which can progress further

It has been reported by the Research Society on Alcoholism that there is a spectrum of severity of alcoholic liver disease. A fatty liver develops in most people who drink too much. Even tough a fatty liver is often free of symptoms it can progress to inflammation and fibrosis followed by cell death which can prove to be fatal.

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There has not been a lot known about disruption of the liver which may occur in drinkers who display problematic drinking but who are not alcohol dependent. Researchers investigated variations in liver damage between binge drinkers and heavy drinkers with a rodent model. The results of this study showed that liver function is disrupted by even limited binge-like drinking of alcohol. This disruption of liver function can lead to even more serious forms of damage to the liver.

Liver damage from long term alcohol consumption can be fatal

The journal Alcoholism: Clinical and Experimental Research has published this study. Long term alcohol consumption leads to liver damage which is often fatal. However there has not been a good understanding about what happens to the liver of those who are excessive alcohol drinkers but who are not dependent on alcohol.

The research indicates that there can be disruptions of liver function from even relatively limited episodes of binge-like drinking of alcohol which can lead to more serious and even lethal types of damage to the liver. Clearly it would be a good idea to enjoy drinking spring water with a twist of lemon at the next party you go to, instead of joining in on binge drinking of alcohol.