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Try an early dinner or no dinner at all to fight obesity

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An effective strategy to fighting obesity may be to eat your dinner early or to simply skip dinner.


Obesity has been on the rise across the world due to poor diets and sedentary lifestyles. Effective strategies to fight obesity are significant due to the many health hazards which are associated with this condition.

An effective way to fight body fat may be to eat dinner early or to simply skip dinner

The Obesity Society reports an effective way to fight body fat may be to eat dinner early or to simply skip dinner. The strategy of timing or restricting your meals has been found to increase your ability to burn fat and decrease swings in hunger. These are two primary factors in a consideration of losing weight.

In an early time restricted feeding approach people are supposed to eat their last meal of the day by the middle of the afternoon and not eat again until the next morning at breakfast time. Courtney Peterson, PhD, who was the leader of the study at Pennington Biomedical Research Center, has said eating only during a significantly smaller window of time than people are generally accustomed to may assist them with weight loss via increasing the ability of our body's to burn protein and fat.

Eating dinner early or skipping dinner is better than skipping breakfast

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It was observed that eating between the hours of 8am and 2pm with an 18-hour daily fast after that burned more fat and kept appetite levels more even during the day, in comparison to eating at the standard hours between 8am and 8pm. It has been suggested by this study that eating dinner very early, or simply skipping dinner, may prove to be a more effective strategy for losing weight than skipping breakfast.

There is an internal clock in the body with many aspects of metabolism functioning best in the morning. There can be a positive influence on health by eating in alignment with the circadian clock of the body. Fat is metabolized better this way with associated decreases in chronic diseases.

There is a significant impact on our metabolism linked to the timing of eating during the day

Dale Schoeller, PhD, who is a spokesperson for The Obesity Society, says is has been suggested by these initial findings that there is a significant impact on our metabolism linked to the timing of eating during the day. Schoeller thinks that we will be able to develop a more complete picture of how early time restricted feeding on people can best help to prevent and treat obesity with more research.

The World Health Organization defines overweight and obesity as having abnormal or excessive fat accumulation which is associated with a risk to health. People who are overweight or obese are at an increased risk for many chronic diseases including cancer, cardiovascular disease and diabetes. There has been a doubling of obesity worldwide since 1980. The effectiveness of altering timing of meals and restricting meals to fight obesity is certainly worth considering in view of the enormous scope of this serious health problem.