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Stroke mortality can be increased by by drinking alcohol

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Drinking alcohol

Drinking in moderation it not always good for your health as some press reports may lead you to believe. A lot of people enjoy a little wine or beer now and than and feel this is perfectly safe for them. Some research has implied moderate drinking may lower your risk of developing and dying from heart disease. However, new research shows stroke mortality may be increased with moderate alcohol consumption.

The frequency of alcohol consumption has been found to be associated with the stroke mortality, reported Acta Neurologica Scandinavica. The objective of this study was to investigate the association which exists between the frequency of alcohol consumption and stroke mortality among eastern Finnish men.

There was a population based sample of men with an average follow-up of 20.2 years for this study. The study included a total of 2609 men with no history of stroke at baseline. There were 66 deaths from stroke during the follow-up period. Overall it was concluded from this study that there is a strong association between the frequency of alcohol consumption and stroke mortality, which is independent of total amount of alcohol consumption. The risk of stroke death was found to be the highest among men who consumed alcohol >2.5 times per week.

Consumption of alcohol several times a week increases the risk of stroke mortality, reports the University of East Finland. According to the study published by Acta Neurologica Scandinavica consuming alcohol more frequently than twice a week raises the risk of stroke mortality in men. The results have shown that the effects of alcohol are not limited to the amount of alcohol consumed, but that the frequency of drinking also matters.

Excessive drinking of alcohol is associated with a variety of different diseases. In people who are moderate drinkers of alcohol, the risk of stroke is the lowest, while heavy drinking of alcohol increases the risk of stroke. Furthermore, the risk of cerebral hemorrhage increases linearly as the consumption of alcohol increases. Overall, the higher the amount of alcohol which is consumed, the higher the risk of stroke. There are also other significant risk factors for stroke, which include:

1: Elevated blood pressure

2: Coronary artery disease

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:3 Heart failure

4: Atrial fibrillation

5: Diabetes

6: Smoking

7: Overweight

8: Asymptomatic carotid artery stenosis

9: Elevated cholesterol levels

It has been highlighted that in the study people who consumed alcohol more frequently than twice a week had over a threefold risk of stroke mortality than people who do not drink alcohol at all. The risk of stroke mortality was found to be increased irrespective of the amount of alcohol consumed.

Too many people drinking too much alcohol appears to me to be a persistently serious problem. More aggressive education about the potential for serious health hazards associated with drinking alcohol seems not to stay with kids long after school. It appears the highly euphoric effects and addiction potential of alcohol are more powerful than the messages coming through in anti-drinking educational initiatives. More aggressive strategies are necessary to confront this problem throughout a person's life. The finding of increased stroke mortality associated with alcohol consumption should compel further action along these lines.