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Staying in shape is a good natural remedy for work stress

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Staying in shape

Researchers have determined being in good shape protects you from the health problems which occur when you feel stressed at work.


Stress at work can undermine your performance and your future while also making you feel miserable in your time off. Pills to deal with this stress often make things even worse due to side effects from tranquilizers. A good natural remedy to help you cope with stress at work is staying in shape.

You can protect yourself from health problems associated with stress at work by being in good shape

The University of Basel has reported it has been determined by researchers that you can protect yourself from health problems associated with stress at work by being in good shape. It has been generally a well accepted finding that being fit is associated with well-being. It is now also understood that you can protect yourself against the health problems linked to being stressed at work by being in good shape. Therefore it's a good idea to stay physically active, particularly during times of high stress, according to sports scientists from the University of Basel and colleagues from Sweden.

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Psychosocial stress leads to illness associated absences from work

One of the primary factors which leads to illness associated absences from work is psychosocial stress. There is an impairment of mental well-being and an increase in symptoms of depression associated with this type of stress. Psychosocial stress also increases the likelihood of cardiovascular risk factors such as high blood pressure and a poor blood lipid profile. However a good level of fitness is linked to less depressive symptoms and less cardiovascular risk factors.

This study has been published in the journal Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise. Improved cardiorespiratory fitness and self-perceived stress have been found to be associated with cardiometabolic risk factors. This association has been specifically noted people experiencing high stress.

Better cardiorespiratory fitness may offer some protection against the health hazards which are associated with high chronic stress via an attenuation of the stress associated increase in cardiovascular risk factors. Staying fit is a good way to improve cardiorespiratory fitness and help you cope well naturally with stress at work.