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Staying active could help you beat cancer

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Staying active

Researchers say that there appears to be an increased risk for kidney cancer and bladder cancer with a sedentary lifestyle.


A diagnosis of cancer is always frightening. Although there have been many remarkable advances in the treatment of many types of cancer it is best to try to prevent cancer.

Staying active has an impact on cancer. A relationship exists between exercise and decreased risk of aggressive prostate cancer. Researchers also say the most significant lifestyle change to help lower the risk of breast cancer recurrence is exercise. Recent research shows an association between active lifestyles and kidney and bladder cancer.

There appears to be an increased risk for kidney and bladder cancer with a sedentary lifestyle

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Roswell Park Cancer Institute reports there appears to be an increased risk for kidney and bladder cancer with a sedentary lifestyle. An increase of 77 percent for kidney cancer and 73 percent for bladder cancer was seen with inactivity.

It has previously been observed that there is an association between chronic inactivity and increased risk for both ovarian and cervical cancer. The new connection found between a sedentary lifestyle and the risk of getting kidney or bladder cancer highlights the possibility of lowering the risk for some cancers by increasing physical activity. The researchers observed a similar risk exposure among both obese and non-obese participants in the study which has suggested that obesity is not behind the association between inactivity and getting these cancers.

Hopefully inactive people will take part in some form of physical activity

Dr. Moysich, who is the senior author on this study and Distinguished Professor of Oncology in the Departments of Cancer Prevention and Control and Immunology at Roswell Park Cancer Institute, says it is hoped these research findings will give motivation to inactive people to take part in some form of physical activity. Even small amounts of activity can help to significantly lower your risk for cancer. Dr. Cannioto says these findings highlight the importance of maintaining a healthy lifestyle, with a focus on getting active and staying active.

The journal Cancer Epidemiology has published this study. An association has been noted between lifetime inactivity and bladder and renal cancer. It has been suggested that physical inactivity may be a significant independent risk factor for cancer. It's clearly advisable to lead a healthy lifestyle with a lot of activity to maintain overall well being and to help prevent cancer.