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Stay among people who aren't hypocrites for your mental health

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Researchers say that people do not like hypocrites because they are deceived by them. The bad feeling this creates is not good for your psychological state of well being, making it simply a good idea to stay away from hypocrites.


There are hypocrites in every walk of life whose behavior can infuriate us, make us feel anxious and make us angry.

People who thrive off of hypocrisy exist in every walk of life

Consider psychiatrists profiting from making people sick while insisting they are working for your mental health, federal agents and cops who beat people up, torture them and even murder them in the name of their distorted concepts of justice, and lawmakers who feed off of the mess they have created for society while insisting they are working in the best interests of the public.

There are also educators who profit while terrorizing students with injustices while insisting they are promoting good education, so called good spouses who are cheating, judges who consistently ruin the lives of decent people while insisting they are searching for justice, and others in our society who thrive off of their hypocrisy daily.

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People dislike hypocrites because they are deceived by them

The Association for Psychological Science reports that people dislike hypocrites because they are deceived by them. The false signals sent to us by hypocrites with their denial of bad behavior misleads us into believing they must be good people when in fact they are not. Research shows that people generally have a greater dislike for hypocrites than people who openly admit to taking part in behavior they don't like.

Hypocrites unfairly make use of condemnation to gain benefits

Hypocrites unfairly make use of condemnation to gain benefits for their own reputations when in fact this is not at all deserved. It is the lack of moral character of hypocrites which seems to anger people the most. Clearly hypocrisy can lead to dysphoric states of being in victims of hypocrisy. In fact people generally dislike hypocrites even more than they dislike liars.

It's really hard for people to take being around other people who take part in the very behavior they condemn in others. Hypocrites fool us and we end up disliking everything they stand for. Their hypocrisy is often actually very damaging for the vital interests and well being of other people.

This study has been published in the journal Psychological Science. People who condemn the very immoral behaviors which they regularly engage in really sets off bad feelings in other people. The false signals and deception of hypocrites can set off a spiral of negative emotional feelings. So it's a good idea to try to avoid dealing with hypocrites in the best interest of your well being.