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Shell extract wound dressing may prevent infections

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A new antibacterial wound dressing that is created from shell extract may prevent infections.


There have been growing concerns about potentially deadly superbugs developing due to antibiotic resistance from the overuse of antibiotics. A natural wound dressing made from shells offers hope in dealing with this serious problem.

Superbugs present a growing threat to health across the world. These superbugs are resistant to treatment. The threat to survival is so serious hospitals should decrease unnecessary use of antibiotics to fight the development of multidrug-resistant organisms.

A new antibacterial wound dressing which is created from shell extract

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Bioscience Technology has reported on a new antibacterial wound dressing which is created from shell extract that may prevent infections and help fight the problem of superbugs. Dr. Radoslaw Wach and colleagues from Lodz University of Technology in Poland, have developed a novel hydrogel antibacterial wound covering. This could help with the growing problem of antibiotic resistance by preventing thousands of people every year from getting infections.

Hydrogel dressing has been around. However a new benefit has been added by the researchers by using an antibacterial and biodegradable substance which is called chitin. This substance is extracted from the shells of crustaceans, such as those of shrimp. This novel hydrogel dressing may prevent many infections and help to avoid serious complications.

Antimicrobial resistance has become an increasingly serious threat

This is very significant with the WHO reporting that antimicrobial resistance has become an increasingly serious threat to public health across the world. Action across all government sectors and society has been suggested. Wach believes tens of thousands of infections could be prevented every year with the use of the new hydrogel.

The journal Radiation Physics and Chemistry has reported on this study. The antimicrobial character of the chitosan-containing hydrogel has been demonstrated. There should be encouragement to develop this hydrogel formula further in order to help eradicate the threat from superbugs.