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Searching for a youthful appearance: Resveratrol and collagen may help

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In search of a youthful appearance

Learning to accept aging with dignity is a nice thought, since after all we all have to age. However, people are becoming more concerned than ever about youthful appearances. This has lead to large investments in anti-aging remedies. Although plastic surgery is one avenue of approach towards that elusive dream of finding a fountain of youth, this is expensive and is often associated with fears about problems associated with surgery. Therefore many people are searching for high quality supplements and creams and lotions to help deal with aging. Herein a review of research on resveratrol and collagen supplementation on facial aging supports the effectiveness of natural remedies of this nature to help fight aging.

There are many options to surgery to help fight aging facial skin

Harvard Medical School offers an interesting review on options to help cope with facial aging. Although age associated changes in our facial appearance can not be avoided, many people are not comfortable with this and want to work on appearing as young as possible for as long as possible. A surgical facelift is one manner which can be used to attempt to regain a youthful appearance. But this is very expensive and carries with it anxieties about surgery.

There are therefore many nonsurgical rejuvenating interventions which are generally preferable to help give your face a younger appearance, including:

1: Sun protection

2: Creams and lotions

3: Botulinum toxin injections

4: Dermal fillers

Laser treatments

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Resveratrol and collagen supplementation help maintain youthful facial skin

An interesting study dealing with the effects of resveratrol and collagen supplementation on facial aging has been published by the Natural Medicine Journal. The researchers have recognized that in western society the primary cultural association with aging skin is a decrease of satisfaction with one’s body image. Reporting on these concerns, EmaxHealth reporter Tim Boyer, Ph.D. has written about warning signs of premature aging along with causes and solutions.

Interventions are therefore desired that can prevent and treat aging skin and the associated lowering of body satisfaction. The researchers investigated the effect of a dietary supplement, Collagen BoosterTM by Reserveage Organics, in women who have displayed visible signs of aging of their facial skin. This product contains resveratrol and Biocell Collagen®.

Participants in the study who took an oral supplement of Collagen BoosterTM everyday for six months had noteworthy improvements in their percentage of facial pores and ultraviolet spots. There was also an improvement in body and skin satisfaction noted. It was concluded the dietary supplement, Collagen BoosterTM, can markedly lower visible signs of facial skin aging and improve satisfaction with your skin and body.

There are physical psychological variables associated with aging facial skin

This study is very significant due to the vital physical and psychological variables associated with aging facial skin. Many studies have highlighted that a young and thin appearance is a symbol of financial and social success along with interpersonal happiness. However, in our daily lives aside from aging itself, sun damage, smoking, and dietary factors result in aging of the facial skin. Due to the emphasis which out society places on the significance of youthful-looking skin, there have been findings of negative psychological consequences which are associated with aging skin.

These negative psychological consequences are associated with a lowering in self-esteem and social relationships, along with increased anxiety and depression. The well known Dr. Oz has recognized the importance of helping your skin to appear younger, as reported upon by reporter Tim Boyer, Ph.D.

There has been increasing interest in both hydrolyzed collagen and resveratrol as nutricosmetical products to lessen the negative effects associated with skin aging. Researchers have found women who took a hydrolyzed collagen supplement (BioCell Collagen®) for 12 weeks had notable improvements in facial skin appearance. Resveratrol is a polyphenol which has also been studied for its protective qualities in dealing with aging of skin. It has been found that resveratrol too may be associated with helping facial skin to appear younger. Participants in the study as anticipated reported significant improvements in skin satisfaction and body satisfaction after they took Collagen BoosterTM for 6 months.

Many people have shared their concerns with me about the aging process and have displayed the potential for serious negative psychological consequences in dealing with the aging. It is clear that we have created a society which is psychologically addicted to fitness, looking sharp and staying young. Although it appears wise to help people adjust well psychologically to the natural aging process of nature, nevertheless many people remain interested in investing in manners to keep themselves looking young for as long as possible.

Recognizing the value of natural interventions to help cope with aging skin, EmaxHealth reporter Denise Reynolds, RD has written on home remedies to combat aging skin. It is my professional opinion that natural remedies such as hydrolyzed collagen and resveratrol, which are found in BioCell Collagen®, generally offer a more cost effective and safer option than surgery to help maintain a youthful appearance for as long as possible.



Our skin is one of the organs of elimination. You release toxins through the skin. This causes blemishes, where toxins have accumulated. The more toxic the environment, the more needs to be released. Wrinkles are the effect of constantly holding facial muscles in a hypertonic state because of stress. Wrinkles above the brow are caused by tension in the Frontalis muscle while the knot of wrinkles in between the eyebrows are caused by the Corrugator Supercillius. Orbicularis Oris and the Buccinator muscles cause wrinkles around the mouth. Levator Labii superioris pulls the upper lip into a 'sneer', and while Zygomaticus Major pulls the mouth into a smile, the Depressor Anguli Oris makes you look (and possibly feel) depressed. Relaxation techniques are beneficial in relaxing these muscles as well as making you feel better. Pinching the skin of the face delivers blood and oxygen, bringing a natural hue and healthy look to the skin without the use of war paints. You can do this every hour or so as long as you are careful not to bruise the skin.
Please, can someone help me? I have collagen, loose connective tissue and adipose cells coming out of an oral fluid. My doctor can't help. Can somebody tell me if this is normal?
Susan, this is not a forum to get that type of help. You need to see your doctor - if your doctor does not help, find a different doctor to tell you whatever it is you are experiencing.
I am wanting to know where collagen fibres are found
Hi Susan: Collagen fibres are proteins in our body that provide a support system for the organs. They are in our skin also. Collagen fibres are in our tendons and ligaments, bone and blood vessels. You can do a Google search to read about collagen.
Please email me more about resveratrol and collagen combined tablets. thank you