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Purposeful daily living with mindfulness is where it's at

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If you want to lead a more meaningful and healthy life on a daily basis you should commit yourself to mindfulness and pursue purposeful living on a daily basis.


In our chaotic world there are many people searching for natural ways to relax and lead a healthier life. Leading a life with mindfulness appears to lead to daily living with a purpose which is a healthier way of being.

New York Institute of Technology
reports that leading a daily life which has purpose is vital for health and wellness. Dr. Melanie Austin-McCain says mindfulness is one of many primary steps towards living a daily life which has purpose. Dr. Austin-McCain is an occupational therapist and an assistant professor at New York Institute of Technology School of Health Professions.

It is important it is to strive to become mindful

In a world where people often spend more time looking at their smartphones than at the people around them it is highlighted how important it is to strive to become mindful. Dr. Austin-McCain says you are in the present with a focus on your senses and experiences with mindfulness. In this way you are better in touch with what you are thinking, feeling, and doing.

It is the position of Dr. Austin-McCain that you are contributing to wellness if you maintain daily routines which are healthy along with a purpose in life. In this way you may live a more positive and longer life. There has been evidence that health is nurtured and chronic disease is prevented when you have a purpose in life. This all involves finding out who it is you really are and finding meaningful things which you enjoy doing.

There are steps for purposeful living

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Dr. Austin-McCain suggests steps for purposeful living and how to incorporate them into your life. When meditating he suggests aiming for short periods with stillness at which time you can visualize goals while setting daily intentions. It is also advised to work to stretch both your mind and body. Lead an active life and stay engaged and moving around. And make certain you think things through while searching for new ideas to approach the daily challenges in your life.

It's also a good idea to adhere to a personal management role according to Dr. Austin-McCain. You should strive to be the CEO of your own life. Clean up your working area and where you live. And consider better meal planning which helps you choose healthier foods.

Nurture a positive mindset which maximizes your efforts

Nurturing a positive mindset which maximizes your efforts is also suggested. With a mindset which has the attitude that the future is yours challenges become opportunities in life to envision your own potential along with the potential of other people.

There is an acknowledgement of the people who offer you support as you seek out happiness in what you choose to do in life when you incorporate meaningfulness into your life. A greater awareness and appreciation of what is around you helps you lead a life which has more purpose and which is healthier.

Dr. Austin-McCain also suggests that mentoring is significant towards leading a more fulfilling and healthier life. You should seek mentors for many aspects of your personal and professional life and also be a mentor for others with support and sharing of wisdom.

Many people find that Transcendental Meditation helps them reach towards more purposeful and healthier lives. The Maharishi Foundation reports this type of meditation is very natural, simple and effortless. You should practice this twice daily for 20 minutes as you sit in a way which is comfortable with your eyes closed. This helps you achieve pure consciousness with a quite and peaceful level of your own awareness. Seeking out mindfulness has a lot to offer towards helping you to lead a more meaningful and healthy life.



I agree with many insights offered here - thank you. Having a daily routine and a purpose for life are indeed two key elements to living a fulfilling life. Mindfulness is a useful tool to being present, staying in the moment - I find this helpful in my yoga practice or while I'm washing dishes. TM is a different technique to mindfulness...TM is very much its own technique and as the article mentions it is easy and effortless and in my experience incredibly effective in every area of my life including helping me be the CEO of my life.