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Premature babies do best with breastfeeding

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Breastfeeding benefits

Research at Oxford University shows that the long-term heart structure and function of premature babies is improved with breastfeeding. Good home remedy for premature babies with breastfeeding benefits.


The anxieties about how to properly care for a premature baby run deep in women. A study from Oxford University has confirmed that it is best for the hearts of premature babies to breast feed them. Breast milk is therefore good natural medicine for the hearts of premature babies.

Breastfeeding improves structure and function of hearts of premature babies

Babies who are born early often have abnormal development of their hearts. Dr Adam Lewandowski and colleagues at the Oxford Cardiovascular Clinical Research Facility, previously showed that there are often smaller heart chambers, thicker walls of the heart and decreased cardiac function in the adult lives of people who were born prematurely. It is therefore significant that the long-term structure and function of the hearts of premature babies is improved with breastfeeding.

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This study has been published in the journal Pediatrics. The researchers found that even though people who had been born early had decreased heart volumes and function in comparison to those born at term, the decrease was markedly less in people who had been fed on breast milk exclusively versus those who were fed only formula milk. In those who were fed both breast milk and formula, there was better heart structure and function in adults who consumed more breast milk when they were babies.

Breastmilk is better than even the best baby formulas

Even the highest quality baby formulas do not have some of the enzymes, antibodies and growth factors that breast milk offers for developing babies according to Dr Lewandowski. It is important to recognize that it has been shown that breastfeeding may be able to improve the development of the heart even in people who have had their heart development affected by premature birth.

This research has provided the first evidence that a beneficial association exists between breast milk and cardiac morphology and function in adult life in people who were fed breast milk as premature babies. Breast milk is therefore a really good natural home remedy to help nurture healthy hearts in premature babies. Clearly human milk should be promoted for the proper care of preterm babies in order to lessen cardiovascular risk as the child grows up.