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Peanut and egg: natural remedies for baby food allergy

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Scientists from Imperial College London say that feeding babies peanut and egg may prevent food allergy.


Food allergies in babies can be a very serious problem. Natural remedies to possibly prevent food allergies in babies are always of great interest.

Food allergy in babies may be prevented by feeding them peanut and egg

Imperial College London has reported that food allergy in babies may be prevented by feeding them peanut and egg. Feeding babies peanut and egg may actually decrease the risk of babies developing food allergies.

For this study scientists from Imperial College London analyzed data which was taken from 146 studies. There were more than 200,000 kids involved in these studies. The study was funded by the UK Food Standards Agency. It was found that feeding children peanut at an early age may decrease the risk of getting peanut allergy. It was also determined that introducing egg to a child's diet at an early age may lower egg allergy risk.

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Dr Robert Boyle, the lead author of the research from the Department of Medicine at Imperial College London, has said that prior to this time parents were advised not to give peanut and egg to young children. Parents have in the past been advised to delay feeding their babies allergenic foods such as peanut, egg, wheat and fish.

Allergies to various foods affect about one in 20 kids in the United Kingdom. The allergies are due to immune system malfunctioning coupled with over-reacting to these apparently harmless foods. Symptoms such as swelling, vomiting, rashes and wheezing are than triggered.

Kids who are diagnosed with food allergies appears to be increasing

According to Dr Vanessa Garcia-Larsen, a co-author on the study, the number of kids who are diagnosed with food allergies appears to be increasing. Over the past 30 years it seems food allergies in kids have become much more common. It appears environmental factors and better doctor recognition of allergies may explain this.

Dr Boyle says it's not a good idea to introduce peanut and egg to a baby who already has come down with a food allergy. There should also be extreme caution about feeding whole nuts to babies since this represents a choking hazard. You should feed your baby smooth peanut butter if you want to feed the baby peanut.

This study has been published in JAMA. In this study introducing peanut or egg early into the infant diet was found to be associated with a lower risk of developing peanut or egg allergy. It's an interesting consideration that peanut and egg may serve as natural remedies against allergies to peanut and egg in kids.