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Overweight babies can be prevented with low sugar breast milk

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Researchers have found sugars which pass through breast milk can cause babies to be overweight. Breast feeding mothers should be careful about their consumption of sugar in order to protect their babies from gaining too much weight.


Good nutrition is the most essential feature of healthy development of babies. Mothers who breastfeed their babies can help them avoid becoming overweight and obese by keeping the amount of sugar in their breast milk low by not consuming too much sugar.

Secondhand sugars can be passed to babies via breast milk

The University of Southern California reports secondhand sugars can be passed to babies via breast milk. This is very significant in view of the fact that just a small amount of fructose in the breast milk which babies drink is associated with increases in the baby's weight.

Breast milk must be considered on the list of foods and beverages which contain fructose. Fructose is a sweetener which has been linked to health issues which range from obesity to diabetes.

Fructose passes from mother to infant via breast milk.

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Researchers at the Keck School of Medicine of USC have determined that a sugar which is called fructose passes from mother to infant via breast milk. Shockingly the researchers claim that fructose which is the equivalent to the weight of just a grain of rice in a breast milk for an entire day is associated with increases in body weight, and content of muscle and bone mineral.

Fructose is found in fruit. It is used in processed form in food and soda. This sugar is not a natural part of breast milk. It is called a "secondhand sugar" because it is derived from the diet of the mother.

If children are exposed to very high amounts of sugar during their years of growth and development there is an increased risk for babies of cognitive development and learning. Over a lifetime there is also an increased risk of obesity, diabetes, fatty liver disease and heart disease. Lactose is a naturally occurring sugar in breast milk which benefits growth and development of infants.

This study has been published in the journal Nutrients. Fructose found in baby food has been found to be associated with infant baby composition.This finding offers hope for the development of better prevention and treatment of the problems of being overweight or obese.