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Natural remedy for stress in medical centers: Wellness centers

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Employees of medical centers have reported on high stress which is associated with negative health behaviors.


There has been a growing awareness of the high stress which members of the medical community are confronted with. This can be a very serious problem due an association with negative health behaviors.

Stress and burnout are major problems in the medical industry

Mayo Clinic reports that according to several national surveys there are high levels of stress reported by about 15 to 20 percent of adults in the United States. In the medical industry stress and burnout are a primary problem which employees are confronted with.

Stress and burnout generally lead to negative health behaviors

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There are many companies which have been searching for ways to bring employees into wellness programs due to increasing stress levels for employees. Stress and burnout often lead to negative health behaviors. Matthew Clark, Ph.D., who is the lead author of the study, says that it is very important to teach people to monitor their stress levels and to practice stress lowering strategies over the course of time. Dr. Clark goes on to say this can lead to happy and healthy lives for health care employees.

This study has been published in the Journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine. The goal of this study was to investigate the association which exists between having a high stress level and health behaviors in employees working at an academic medical center.

An association was found between stress levels and quality of life

There were a series of five annual surveys given to 676 participants who are employed at Mayo Clinic which measured stress and health behaviors such as nutrition, exercise, and sleep. The participants all had access to a wellness center. There was a significant association found between an employee's stress levels and various domains dealing with quality of life including poor nutritional habits, bad physical health, low mental health, and decreased perception of overall health.

It was unfortunate that employees who reported that they had high stress levels and who perceived they had a poor quality of life also reported that they used wellness programs less. Dr. Clark says that an increase in the awareness of wellness centers and programs at academic medical centers can improve the quality of life of employees. This could lead to less burnout of physicians and staff. It is therefore certainly worthwhile to investigate ways to effectively get employees who are dealing with high stress to take part in comprehensive wellness programs.