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Natural remedies are where it's at for head congestion

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Suffering from nasal congestion

Head congestion makes life miserable. There are safe and effective natural remedies to deal with this problem.


Nasal congestion creates a great deal of misery and can be very costly in terms of lost time at school and work. Natural remedies are preferable to antibiotics for this condition due to a general lack of effectiveness of antibiotics in treating nasal congestion and the possibility of the development of antibiotic resistant strains of bacteria from the overuse of antibiotics.

Antibiotics really have been shown to often not make much of a difference

Although antibiotics really have been shown to often not make much of a difference in dealing with nasal congestion doctors still prescribe them more often than suggesting natural remedies. The best idea for congested sinuses is prevention. Researchers have said simply gargling with plain water three times a day can decrease your risk of getting a cold with nasal congestion by about 40 percent.

It has been reported by Doctors Health Press that head congestion compromises your breathing, disrupts your sleep, and undermines your daily activities. There are often headaches and sinus pain associated with sinus congestion.

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In their normal state your sinuses help to moisten, filter, and warm the air which you breath in. In this way your body is protected from various airborne allergens, viruses, and bacteria. When your sinuses are healthy mucus drains and cycles naturally. Head congestion occurs when your nasal sinuses are blocked because mucus becomes too thick and plentiful. This leads to blockage of your sinuses.

Many natural home remedies that can help clean out your sinuses

There are many natural home remedies that can help clean out your sinuses. Steam from a hot shower or boiling water in a kettle can loosen up and melt mucus which is clogging your sinuses and therefore relieve congestion. A humidifier, particularly while you are sleeping, can assist in breaking up the mucus, which allows it to drain out and clear up the congestion. Nasal irrigation with a warm saline solution can also help loosen and drain the mucus in your sinuses. Vitamin C, garlic, and herbal teas such as green tea and ginseng tea can also help clear up sinus congestion.

Livestrong.com when your nasal are attacked by a cold virus swelling occurs and there is an increase in mucous production. This leads to congestion, stuffiness or a runny nose. Head congestion can be made worse by lack of sleep, lying down for too long, inadequate daily exercise and food allergies.

A good natural remedy for nasal congestion is to drink a lot of fluids. You should drink several times as much as usual. The mucus is thinned by fluids and therefore can drain easier. The conventional natural remedy of chicken soup may also help. Acupressure in the form of point pressure exercises, can also help relieve nasal congestion. And so although sinus congestion is a miserable condition there are many natural remedies which generally help relieve this problem.