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Natural remedies are preferable for nervousness and anxiety

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Nervousness and anxiety are very common in our fast paced world. The drug treatments for these conditions carry with them the risk for serious side effects. Natural remedies for the prevention and treatment of nervousness are therefore preferable.


Nervousness and anxiety are common conditions which can interfere with your daily activities. The side effects from tranquilizers which are often prescribed for these uncomfortable states of being often cause more problems than they solve. A search for natural remedies to deal with nervousness and anxiety is therefore generally welcomed.

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reports that everyone gets nervous sometimes. This can happen when driving your car during a storm or before a date or interview. Nervousness is signaled by feelings of restlessness and agitation. Lightheadedness, dizziness, and breathlessness which is associated with hyperventilation may also be experienced. You may also have problems concentrating when you are nervous.

Nervousness can lead to anxiety

Nervousness is often experienced when your mind and body are confronted with an unexpected situation. This is a mental state which can affect your body. When the nervousness your are experiencing becomes irrational and overpowering in ways which may keep you from taking part in everyday life activities, your nervousness may have progressed to anxiety reports Livestrong.com.

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There are many good natural remedies for nervousness and anxiety

There are many natural tips to help you prevent and treat nervousness and anxiety. To begin with trying to relax is a good idea. Meditation may also help with these conditions. You should also avoid caffeine. Regular exercise and good sleep also should help. Progressive muscle relaxation is a technique which also often seems to help.

Bird watching has also been suggested as an alternative intervention. And a healthy foods such as almonds, avocado, and bananas are generally good natural remedies for nervousness and anxiety.

So we see that nervousness and anxiety are uncomfortable states of being which we all may experience at sometime in our lives. The quick fix of tranquilizers for these conditions is generally associated with very troubling side effects. Natural remedies for these conditions are therefore preferable.