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More vitamin D may be associated with lower cancer risk

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Vitamin D

A new study has suggested that there is a decreased risk of cancer with more vitamin D.


The thought of getting cancer raises fear in people. Although treatment is sometimes met with cures in cancer patients there are nevertheless deep concerns about the side effects of the treatment itself among many people. News that increased levels of vitamin D may be associated with a lower risk for cancer is therefore welcomed.

It may actually be possible to lower the risk for developing cancer with higher vitamin D levels

Creighton University has reported the findings of a new study have raised considerations that there is a lower risk of cancer when there is more vitamin D. This means that it may actually be possible to lower the risk for developing cancer with higher vitamin D levels.

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There was a 30 percent lower risk of getting cancer in women who were given vitamin D3 along with calcium supplements. It appears that .higher vitamin D levels than are presently recommended are necessary for substantially lowering the risk of cancer. Principal study investigator Joan Lappe, PhD, RN, who is a Creighton University Criss/Beirne Professor of Nursing and Professor of Medicine, says it is suggested by this study that there is an association between increased levels of vitamin D in the blood and a lower risk for cancer.

Vitamin D is an important tool in the fight against cancer

Lappe says the findings from this study have indicated that vitamin D is an important tool in the fight against cancer. It has been pointed out by Lappe that vitamin D is needed by most of the cells in the body to function well. It appears that normally functioning cells can become malignant cells when there are not adequate levels of vitamin D.

Cedric Garland, who is associated with the University of California San Diego and who was a co-investigator of this study, says this has been the most important scientific study of this century thus far. Clearly there should be more attention given to the vital significance of vitamin D in human health and particularly in the prevention of cancer.

The National Cancer Institute reports epidemiologic research has shown there were lower rates of incidence and death rates for certain cancers among people residing in southern latitudes. It has been hypothesized variations on vitamin D levels may account for his finding because production of vitamin D occurs due to being exposured to ultraviolet light from sunlight. So it appears exposure to some extra sunglight along with consumption of more vitamin D rich foods such as fish and vitamin D supplements may decrease the risk for cancer.