Models deserve protection from being pressured to be too thin

Feb 5 2017 - 12:01am

A new study has addressed pressures on models to be too thin which often leads to very unhealthy behaviors. Initiatives should be taken to protect models from being pressured to risk their health to make it in the fashion industry.

A model enjoying some coffee

Modeling is a big business with a lot of young girls dreaming they could go from rags to riches if only they got a break as a model. Yet again and again we hear stories from highly successful and wealthy models that this industry isn't always as glamorous as it appears on the surface. A primary problem for models appears to be the intense pressures placed on them to be extraordinarily thin which is generally not very good for their health.

Reports of intense degrees of pressure to lose weight by female fashion models

A new study has addressed the extreme standards for thinness which exists in the fashion industry reports Wiley. In this study there were reports of intense degrees of pressure to lose weight by female fashion models. This pressure to be very thin was associated with increased chances of taking part in behaviors which are considered unhealthy to lose weight.

Models want a focus on improving their working conditions


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This has been the largest study as of this time to investigate disordered eating patterns seen among professional models. In particular the rates of unhealthy behaviors to control weight were explored. Models have overall rated approaches aimed at improving their working conditions as being most likely to work when there is a focus on improving protections for them at work. It is their feeling setting restrictions on a minimum body mass index has the least impact.

Milan, Madrid, Israel and France along with other governments have taken significant steps to protect the health of models

Dr. Rachel Rodgers, the lead author of this study, says Milan, Madrid, Israel and France along with other governments have taken significant steps to protect the health of models. We should learn from these places and strive to guarantee safe and healthy working conditions for models in the United States and elsewhere where there is a great need for such affirmative changes. This has the power to improve the images of models which young people view and the environment becomes healthier for everyone.

The International Journal of Eating Disorders reports pressures which fashion models must cope with to be extremely thin are dangerous for their health and increase the risk of eating disorders. Improving working conditions for models by offering them food and a 30 minute break for jobs lasting longer than 6 hours was rated as being possible and as having the potential for positive impact by models. Restrictions imposed on a minimum BMI was not rated well.

The fashion models seem to want better working conditions. A positive impact on their health from better working conditions has the potential to result in healthier looking models. This in turn has the potential to have a positive impact on the minds of young women and others who enjoy what fashion models have to offer. So it's a simple win-win situation for everyone to treat fashion models as well as possible.

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