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Mental health can be achieved naturally

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Mental health

The psychiatric drugs and other psychiatric interventions for mental illness consistently cause more problems than they solve and therefore natural interventions for mental health are preferable.


There has been a rising concern about the high rates of catastrophic side effects from psychiatric drugs and other destructive interventions by psychiatrists. Natural remedies are therefore highly desired by people striving to reach for their optimal mental health potential.

Fresh air, socializing and exercise improve mental health

Doctors Health Press reports on several ways which you can improve your mental health naturally. Fresh air, socializing and exercise are among these suggestions.

Simply taking a walk in the fresh air can improve your mood. The fresh air along with some sunlight and increases in your circulating blood all can help to give short-term relief from depression and enhance your mood. It's often surprising what a dramatic positive effect taking a walk in the fresh air can have on your mental and emotional state of being.

Socializing via talking with a friend, taking part in a community meeting, and checking out a new hobby can all also help improve your mental well being. Researchers have found that mental health and cognitive function are all often improved with mental stimulation, engagement, and connecting with other people.

Cognitive function is improved with physical activity

Cognitive function is also improved with physical activity. Exercise promotes neuroconnectivity and helps to re-establish pathways which may have experienced decreased functionality. Walking, jogging, bike riding, and swimming are all great forms of exercise.

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Omega-3 fatty acids, St. John's wort, maca root and valerian can improve mental health

Harvard Medical School
reports on natural supplements and herbal remedies which may help to improve your mental health naturally. These natural remedies include omega-3 fatty acids, St. John's wort, maca root and valerian.

Omega-3 fats are natural fats which are found in large amounts in cold-water fish such as salmon. Omega-3 fats seem to help prevent and lift depression. This offers a tasty way to improve your mood.

St. John’s wort is an herbal remedy which has been found to help people suffering from mild-to-moderate depression. This herb does not seem to be as effective for people suffering from severe depression. It's a good idea to combine St. John's wort with good nutrition and a healthy lifestyle. Caution should be taken regarding possible side effects when St. John's wort is taken with some other medications.

Maca root is a relative of the potato. Maca has been used in some cultures to improve sexual response. Maca may help to correct erectile dysfunction, decreased libido, and other depressing sexual side effects of the antidepressants which psychiatrists prescribe.

Valerian is an herb which is derived from the root of a pink flower. Valerian has been found to alleviate anxiety and help improve sleep just as effectively as some sedatives. This is a particularly good consideration for children and for older people both of whom are especially sensitive to the side effects of drugs.

Increased time spent in the sun has been found to be associated with improved mental health reports the Journal of Affective Disorders. Good nutrition has also been observed to be associated with improved mental health reports the FASEB Journal. Mental health therefore clearly can be achieved naturally.