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Men with low sex drive should try light therapy

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Testosterone levels in men are increased with exposure to bright light which leads to improved sexual satisfaction in men with low sexual desire.


A lack of interest in sex is a very frustrating condition for men. A man's personal relationships and life satisfaction are seriously eroded by a low sex drive.

Light therapy improves sexual satisfaction in men

The European College of Neuropsychopharmacology (ECNP) reports that exposure to bright light can successfully treat a lack of interest in sex by men. Testosterone levels are increased from exposure to bright light which results in improved sexual satisfaction in men suffering from low sexual desire.

After the age of 40 there are many men who suffer from low sexual desire. In fact studies have implied about 25 percent of men have problems with sexual desire. Previous findings by scientists that sexual interest varies according to the seasons sparked off the consideration that exposure to ambient light may assist with sexual desire.

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Scientists from the University of Siena in Italy have studied how bright light affects sexual and physiological responses. It was observed that regular, early-morning, use of a light box was associated with increased testosterone levels and improved reported levels of satisfaction from sex. The participants in the study were diagnosed with hypoactive sexual desire disorder or sexual arousal disorder. There is a lack of interest in sex in both of these conditions.

Professor Andrea Fagiolini said there were significant differences between those men who were given the active light treatment and the controls.There was a 3-fold increase in sexual satisfaction scores in men treated with bright light. Testosterone levels were also observed to increase in men who were given active light treatment.

Increased levels of testosterone offer an explanation for the improved reported sexual satisfaction

Professor Fagiolini says the increased levels of testosterone provide an explanation for the improved reported sexual satisfaction. The body's testosterone production naturally becomes lower from November through April in the Northern hemisphere. It than increases steadily during the spring and summer with a peak seen in October. This effect is seen in reproductive rates with the highest rates being seen in June. What nature does is mimicked by the light box.

It has been reported by Nursing Times fluorescent light therapy can be used to treat sexual dysfunction. A white fluorescent light box was used by scientists from the University of Siena to treat a group of male patients with sexual disorders which included lack of desire, impotence and and lack of ability to reach orgasm. The findings from this study have suggested a possibly favourable effect of bright light therapy for primary sexual dysfunctions. Light therapy for male sexual dysfunction certainly seems to offer a great deal of promise.