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Massage relieves stress of couples

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Gentle massage

Researchers say that giving your partner a massage can help improve the wellbeing of both of you.


Massage is an incredibly relaxing form of natural health care. It appears it can be beneficial to both give and get a massage.

There has been a documentation of massage back to 2700 BC and it was present in many ancient cultures. There are many surprising benefits from gentle massage including relaxing your mind as well as improving your circulation.

Stress is relieved by couples massage

The British Psychological Society reports that stress is relieved by couples massage. When you give your partner a massage the wellbeing of both of you may be improved.

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This research has been done by Sayuri Naruse and Dr Mark Moss from Northumbria University. Ms Naruse, who was the lead researcher, has said that it has already been documented that there are benefits from receiving a massage from a professional. This research has shown a similar beneficial outcome can be gained by couples who have little previous training and experience with massage.

Physical and emotional wellbeing of couples was significantly improved

In this study 38 participants completed a three-week massage course. Their wellbeing was assessed via questionnaires prior to and after massage sessions. The wellbeing of couples, perceived stress and coping was found to be positively impacted by the course in massage. It was also observed that the physical and emotional wellbeing of couples was significantly improved after completing each massage session. It was of keen interest that this was observed equally
whether the participant was the person giving or getting the massage.

Ms Naruse has commented that the findings from this study show that massage can be a simple and very effective way for couples achieve better physical and mental wellbeing while they are also sharing affection with each other. In view of findings that couples generally work as a pair when they are coping with stress, it may help to nurture stability of their relationship by giving each other a massage.

It has been reported by Health there are significant mind-body health benefits from massage. It has become clear that massage may also help to make your relationship better. The power of touch should not be underestimated and it is therefore worth finding the time for couples massage. Couples should give serious consideration to incorporating the pleasant intervention of massage into their daily routine.