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Kids in care may benefit from a yoga type exercise

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Researchers have found children who are in care many benefit socially from yoga.


Children who are in special care settings have a great deal of challenges to face in life. It appears these kids can benefit from yoga.

Children who are in care can gain social benefits from yoga

The University of Nottingham reports a new study shows that children who are in care can gain social benefits from yoga. Researchers have found yoga may have the potential to enhance the health and psychological wellbeing of children who are in care.

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This finding was specific for a certain type of yoga known as Kundalini yoga. The study found that when both staff and children are involved with the practice of Kundalini yoga in care homes there may be both individual and social benefits for the kids.

Kids in care are generally among the most vulnerable kids in society

This is very significant in view of the finding that kids in care are generally among the most vulnerable kids in society. Kids who are in care tend to have more physical and mental health needs than kids who are not in care. It was observed that the practice of yoga in kid’s homes, particularly when participation is high, has the potential to nurture togetherness and mutuality and to improve health and psychological outcomes of kids who are in care.

The emotional benefits gained from yoga for the kid's in care were impressive. The kids overall felt more positive and open to other people. There was therefore an improvement in the social lives of these kids.

This study has been published in the Journal of Children's Services. It was found that incorporating a 20-week Kundalini yoga program into a residential home for kids improves outcomes dealing with well-being. It certainly seems worthwhile to encourage kids who are in care to try yoga to increase their well being.