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Just a little fitness protects your health

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Staying fit

Researchers say it's not necessary to be an athlete to lower the risk factors for cardiovascular disease.


It is vitally important to stay fit to maintain good health. It appears you don't have to work out nearly as hard as an athlete to gain the health benefits of fitness. The Université de Montréal reports that it has been shown in a new study that even low physical fitness is adequate to help prevent most of the risk factors which are associated with cardiovascular disease.

Exercise is a great way to help prevent and cure many diseases

It has often been observed that exercise is a great way to help prevent and cure many diseases. In a new study done in Canada it has been demonstrated that even a low level of physical fitness, up to 20 percent lower than the average for people who are healthy, is adequate to produce a preventive effect on most of the risk factors linked to cardiovascular disease.

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Daniel Curnier, who is a professor at the University of Montreal’s Department of Kinesiology, says this is really good news for people suffering from heart disease who have a hard time adhering to a regular good exercise program. Just small improvements in their fitness are enough to help. It's not necessary to be a professional athlete to gain benefits from these positive effects.

Heart disease is one of the primary causes of death worldwide

Industrialization has had a dramatic impact on the physical activity of people who have been leading increasingly sedentary lifestyles in recent years. A perfect setting for getting heart disease is created from increased abdominal circumference, diabetes, dyslipidemia, depression, hypertension, obesity, too much weight, and smoking. Being physically inactive makes this situation even worse. Heart disease is one of the primary causes of death worldwide and represents 31 percent of global mortality.

The American Heart Association reports it is important to be physically active to prevent heart disease and stroke. In order to improve general cardiovascular health it is suggested you get a minimum of 150 minutes per week of exercise which is moderate or 75 minutes per week of exercise which is vigorous. So you really don't have to be an athlete to stay in good enough shape to help prevent heart disease.