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The Japanese Are About To Buy More Adult Diapers than Baby Diapers

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The Japanese adults are getting smarter with age realizing the benefits of adult diaper use. The Japanese have shaken up the economy of the health care world with plans to buy more adult diapers than baby diapers. Nobody would have anticipated that an investment in adult diapers in Japan could be a better investment than gold at this time. However, as the population in Japan ages adult diapers are where it's at now. Certainly, with the value of the US dollar shaky amidst a chronically ailing US economy, it appears an investment in Japanese adult diapers could turn out to certainly be more profitable than investing in US currency.

In a rapidly aging Japan, sales of adult diapers are about to surpass sales of baby diapers, according to The Atlantic. The increasingly aging population in Japan is generating a booming market for adult diapers. Other good news for aging is exercise and diet help with depression, as I have reported on in a separate article for EmaxHealth.

The Nikkei newspaper has reported that three Japanese paper companies, Daio, Nippon Paper, and Unicharm, are expanding their manufacturing facilities to enable them to produce more 'incontinence products' due to an unanticipated surge in demand. By 2020 adult diapers are anticipated to outsell baby diapers in Japan.

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Meanwhile, the market still looks bright for low-priced paper diapers in Asian countries such as Indonesia and Vietnam, reports the Nikkei Asian Review. The company has said a slowdown in emerging economies will have little impact on its sales. Unicharm President Takahisa Takahara said, "We hope to reach 1 trillion yen in sales in three years."

There has been an increase in growth of 6-10 percent a year in the adult diaper market in Japan. This already represents a 140 billion yen ($1.4 billion) market for the Japanese.This is believable with Japan having the highest percentage of people over 65 in the world, which makes up greater than 20 percent of the population.

This is really exciting for investors in health care who are searching for an ethical investment. Adult diapers are opening up attractive business opportunities as they sell for as much as 2.5 times more than infant diapers. This leads to higher profit margins. Sales are hot to hospitals and nursing homes, not just to individual consumers.

Sweden's SCA is also trying to jump into the adult diaper craze. The firm recently sent a sample of its adult diapers to every Swedish man who is over 55 years old. Some Swedish men expressed anger over this, feeling this is a product they hope they will never need. SCA is the world's biggest hygiene product maker. We can therefore see that initiatives are growing worldwide to help people with problems associated with aging, as I reported on for EmaxHealth in an article dealing with alternative treatments as a consideration to help with chronic pain in the elderly.

This really is an interesting development in Japan which could spread to the United States as the population in the US also ages. The concept of adult diapers often makes people turn red in the face. However, Japan is often an important market trend setter, and so this hype over adult diapers in Tokyo is worth taking a careful look at. If you or any loved ones ever need adult diapers, try keeping a smile on your face, remembering this represents the success of a more wholesome side of big business in health care than many of the drugs the market is being flooded with.