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It's not a myth, Vitamins may lower breast cancer death rates

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Multivitamin an mineral supplement

There are a lot of critics about the enthusiasm which has emerged among natural health care activists dealing with the keen interest in the value of vitamin supplements for improved health. Critics of supplements claim you should be able to get all of the nutrition you need from eating well. However, in view of the fact that cooking and food processing washes vitamins out of our food, and increased stressors in our environment and from illnesses increases your needs for vitamins, high quality vitamin supplements often do have a very real positive health impact. Good news for women suffering from breast cancer is that vitamin and mineral supplements may really help them live longer.

Breast cancer is a serious illness which hits a lot of women, and some men. The National Cancer Institute estimates in 2013 there will be 232,340 female and 2,240 male cases of breast cancer. And it is estimated there will be 39,620 female and 410 male deaths from breast cancer.

The journal Breast Cancer Research and Treatment has reported, "Multivitamin and mineral use and breast cancer mortality in older women with invasive breast cancer in the women’s health initiative." Although multivitamin use has been very common in the United States, it has not been well known whether multivitamins with minerals supplements (MVM) used by women who are already diagnosed with invasive breast cancer would significantly improve their breast cancer mortality risk.

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In order to determine what the effects of MVM use would be on breast cancer mortality in postmenopausal women who were diagnosed with invasive breast cancer, a study was done of 7,728 women between 50–79 years old who were diagnosed with invasive breast cancer. These women were followed up for a mean of 7.1 years after the diagnosis of breast cancer.

The use of MVM supplements was evaluated at the baseline visit and at a visit which was closest to the diagnosis of breast cancer. About 37.8 percent of women reported MVM use at baseline. There was an observation of 518, or 6.7 percent, deaths from breast cancer after post-diagnosis follow-up. Breast cancer mortality was reported to be 30 percent lower in MVM users in comparison to non-users. The results of this research have suggested there is a possible positive role for daily MVM use in lowering breast cancer mortality in women with invasive breast cancer.

Therefore, it is likely women who develop invasive breast cancer may benefit from daily supplements which contain both multivitamins and minerals. The effect seen from taking MVM was found to show a significant lowering of the risk of dying from invasive breast cancer among women. Although a healthy diet contains a lot of the daily vitamin and mineral requirements for women, it is advisable to consider supplements to account for added vitamin needs due to stressors from the illness.

I personally have reviewed scores of accounts of women sufferers of breast cancer. This is clearly a devastating condition which brings tears to your eyes when you realize how many lives of pleasant, vibrant women are torn apart and stolen by breast cancer. And the standard orthodox treatments for breast cancer, consisting of radiation treatment, chemotherapy and surgery, although meeting with more and more success, generally frighten women. Knowing that MVM supplements can help with treatment of breast cancer should help women cope with this illness better.



More evidence supporting this link had been discussed by Rolf Hefti in his book The Mammogram Myth where he proposed the relationship.
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