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Herbs can be used to treat anxiety naturally

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Anxiety is a terribly uncomfortable state of being which can be very costly for your productivity. Tranquilizers to treat anxiety generally cause more harm than good due to side effects. Effective herbal remedies for anxiety are therefore far more desirable than taking pills for this condition.


Anxiety can have devastating effects on your life when it escalates to crippling degrees of severity. A lot of people struggle with anxiety with statistics showing about 18 percent of the people in the United States suffering from anxiety.

The Alternative Daily reports that in many cases very addicting prescription medications are prescribed to the tens of millions of Americans suffering from anxiety. Aside from the potential for addiction there is the potential for the development of tolerance with these drugs. Higher and higher doses are needed over time as tranquilizers lose their effectiveness. This leads to greater dependency for these drugs.

Valerian is known at natures valium

A good consideration as a natural alternative to tranquilizers is the valerian root. This herb has been used for centuries to relieve anxiety naturally. Because valerian can be sedating it is advisable to use it before going to bed. Valerian has become known at natures valium. Valium is a commonly prescribed tranquilizer that has addiction, tolerance and withdrawal potential.

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Another good natural herbal remedy for anxiety is passion flower. Passion flower has been observed to help people suffering from mild, moderate and severe anxiety. This natural herb helps to decrease tension, calm the mind and prevent agitation.

Skullcap has been found to help treat people suffering from severe anxiety. This herb is used as a sedative and to help relax muscles and treat insomnia. The effects of skullcap are similar, but more pronounced, than the effects of valerian.

It has been reported by Food Matters that passionflower is effective for the treatment of anxiety. According to researchers at the University of Maryland Medical Center passionflower works as well as some of the benzodiazepine medications for the treatment of anxiety. And with passionflower there is less side effects such as daytime drowsiness.

Lemon balm also has good anti-anxiety effects. There is decreased stress and more calmness seen with the use of lemon balm. Lemon balm is often used with other herbs, but is also very effective on it's own.
Research has shown that lavender oil is as effective as anti-anxiety medication for the treatment of anxiety. A great benefit of lavender is that it has no sedative side effects. Lavender is therefore a good natural alternative for anxiety disorders.

L-theanine, which is found in black tea and green tea, acts directly on the brain to help lower stress and anxiety

L-theanine, which is found in black tea and green tea, acts directly on the brain to help lower stress and anxiety. Research has shown taking L-theanine can increase alpha brain waves which are considered relaxed brain waves. The mind stays alert with L-theanine. So drinking black tea and green tea offers a pleasantly enjoyable alternative treatment for anxiety.

It is clearly possible to beat anxiety naturally with herbs while avoiding the dangerous side effects which are often seen with tranquilizers. A healthy lifestyle which includes good nutrition, regular exercise and adequate rest and sleep is also helpful. It's also a good idea to avoid too much caffeine and alcohol to help beat anxiety.