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Home Remedies: Sweetened and dried cranberries help with urinary tract infections

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cranberries home remedies for urinary tract infections

Urinary tract infections are very common among women and can cause a great deal of pain and suffering, but there are home remedies women can use, including cranberries.


There has been talk for a long time dealing with the beneficial effects of cranberries in helping to prevent urinary tract infections. New research shows that sweetened, dried cranberries, which are delicious, may also have such a beneficial effect on urinary tract infections. This would represent a really important breakthrough in helping women to prevent urinary tract infections in a safe, nutritious and natural way a home.

Cranberries as helpful home remedies for UTIs

There has been a great deal written about how cranberries are helpful in dealing with urinary tract infections. EmaxHealth reporter Deborah Mitchell has written cranberry juice is better than supplements for urinary tract infections. Deborah Mitchell has also reported on new discoveries dealing with how cranberries help urinary tract infections. EmaxHealth reporter Kathleen Blanchard, RN has written on how cranberry juice fights urinary tract infection at a molecular level.

Bacteria can cause UTIs in many ways

Women'shealth.org writes that bacteria can cause urinary tract infections in many ways, which includes:

1: Wiping from back to front after a bowel movement (BM)

2: Having sexual intercourse.

3: Waiting too long to pass urine.

4: Using a diaphragm for birth control, or spermicides with a diaphragm or on a condom

5: Having a kidney stone

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6: Having diabetes

7: Menopause

8: Having had a catheter in place

The signs of a urinary tract infection are very bothersome and include:

1: Pain or stinging when you pass urine

2: An urge to pass urine a lot, but not much comes out when you go

3: Pressure in your lower belly

4: Urine that smells bad or looks milky, cloudy, or reddish in color

5: Feeling tired or shaky or having a fever

Nutrition Journal has reported on this research showing consumption of sweetened, dried cranberries may lower urinary tract infection incidence in susceptible women, thus serving as helpful home remedy for UTI. Urinary tract infections (UTIs) are very common in women. In fact greater than 50 percent of women will have a UTI at sometime during their life. Antibiotics are commonly used for prophylaxis in dealing with recurrent UTIs. However, this can cause problems, because frequent use of antibiotics can lead to the emergence of drug-resistant bacteria. It is therefore a good idea to search for nutritional strategies for the prevention of UTIs. There has been mixed efficacy reported for the use of cranberry juices and supplements for UTI prophylaxis.

Dried cranberries are not exactly similar in their chemical makeup as cranberry juice. Therefore, it has not been clear if they would be more of less beneficial than drinking cranberry juice to decrease the incidence of UTIs in women. A study has been done to determine if consumption of sweetened, dried cranberries (SDC) decreases recurrent UTIs.

The results of this study indicated there was a beneficial effect from consuming SDC to lower the number of UTIs in susceptible women. The daily consumption of SDC is an inexpensive and readily available supplement which may in fact provide potential prophylactic effects for urinary tract infections. I have personally observed how much pain women are generally in when they are suffering from a UTI. It is my firm opinion that a safe, delicious manner to avoid such painful infections in the form of eating sweetened, dried cranberries should be very helpful for women.



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