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Get good sleep to learn well - natural remedies

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According to new findings from Psychological Science getting sleep in between study sessions may help to make it easier to recall what you have studied and relearn what you seem to have forgotten.


Students are often searching for ways to enhance their capacity to learn well. A good natural manner to help with recalling things that have been learned and to relearn things is getting some extra sleep. The Association for Psychological Science reports research has shown that finding time for sleep between sessions of studying can have a positive impact on recalling what you have learned and relearning things even after 6 months.

Sleeping after learning and between learning lessons helps with learning

Psychological scientist Stephanie Mazza of the University of Lyon says there is a twofold advantage to getting extra sleep between study sessions which includes lessening the time necessary for relearning and helping with significantly better long-term retention. And so now we know that aside from sleeping after learning it's also a good idea to sleep between learning sessions.

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Less time can be spent studying with extra sleep between study sessions

Mazza and his colleagues hypothesized finding the time to sleep in between sessions of studying could possibly make the process of relearning more efficient therefore decreasing the effort which is necessary to commit information to memory. It was observed by the researchers that the boost of memory people derived from sleep between study sessions appeared to last over time. Maza and his colleagues concluded that sleeping in between study sessions might be an easy and effective manner to remember information over longer periods of time with less time spent studying.

This study has been published in the journal Psychological Science. It appears the common mechanism which is associated with better retention being linked to repeated practice and sleep is memory reactivation. Although sleeping after learning remains a good strategy to improve retention of memory sleeping between two sessions of learning is an even better strategy. The idea of sleeping more to learn better is a very exciting consideration because with this natural approach to improve learning there are no concerns about drug side effects from the intervention.

There are good natural remedies to help you sleep

There are some good natural remedies to improve sleep quality reported on by WebMD Melatonin is a natural hormone which can be taken as a supplement and which puts the body into a sleep mode. Warm milk and particularly almond milk has been found to help people sleep well. Bananas with some peanut butter or a whole wheat cracker and some cheese also seem to help promote sleep naturally. So why not try these natural remedies to help you relax and sleep naturally without drugs.